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Keep Your Garments In Top Condition With Spotlight's Laundry Supplies

At Spotlight, you can find all your garment care and laundry essentials. The right laundry supplies make it easy to maintain your garments and take the hard work out of washing and drying. Whether you're looking for a clothes iron, clothes airer or a laundry hamper, Spotlight has the latest technologies and designs to make caring for your favourite clothes a breeze. We also have some great laundry storage ideas to ensure your laundry room remains neat, tidy and organised. Spotlight is your one-stop-shop for everything cleaning and laundry - shop the range of laundry supplies and cleaning supplies online and in-store today and at Spotlight!

What Can I Find In Spotlight's Range Of Laundry Supplies?

  • Irons & Ironing Supplies: Discover irons as well as steam stations & garment steamers from leading brands like Russell Hobbs in our range. You can also find all your essential ironing accessories like ironing boards, ironing board covers and ironing sprays.
  • Clothes Airers & Drying Racks: Explore a great range of tiered clothes airers and drying racks to ensure even air circulation when drying your clothes indoors. Find compact designs that fold away for neat storage once your laundry is dry.
  • Household Cleaning Supplies: Make cleaning your home simple and fuss-free with the right cleaning appliances and cleaning supplies. Shop mops, brooms, sponges, vacuum cleaners, cleaning liquids and more in the range.
  • Laundry Baskets & Hampers: Keep laundry-ready clothes stored away neatly with our selection of laundry baskets and laundry hampers. Discover stylish hampers that complement your decor with practical features like fold-away designs for ease of storage when not in use.
  • Garment Care Accessories: Find everything you need to clean, maintain and store your favourite garments with Spotlight's range of garment care accessories. Discover stain removal solutions, garment bags, lint removers, wash bags for delicates and more in the selection.

Laundry Supplies FAQs

What laundry supplies do I need?

Determining your laundry room essentials will come down to the type of garments you own and the amount of space you have to store them. At the bare minimum, you should invest in:

  • At least two laundry hampers: One for dirty clothes and another for clean clothes to keep things systematic and organised.
  • A clothes rack or clothes airer: Even if you have an outdoor clothesline, a clothes airer is the ideal backup for drying clothes inside when it rains. Choose a design that folds up in a compact fashion if you're short on internal storage space.
  • Clothes pegs: Whether you use a clothesline or drying rack, pegs will ensure your clothes stay put in any weather and will prevent a re-wash if they accidentally fall onto the ground.
  • A clothes iron or garment steamer: Pressing and steaming your clothes will ensure a neat, tidy and professional finish. If your clothes don't require much specialist care then a basic model will do.
  • An ironing board: Opt for a mini ironing board or tabletop ironing board if space is at a premium.

How do I maximise my laundry storage?

Most laundry rooms are compact in design, and more modern apartments with Euro-style laundries mean that space is at an absolute premium. One of the best laundry storage solutions is to find baskets, hampers and storage containers that perfectly fit under your bench or in shelving spaces. Foldable designs for your clothes racks and hampers are another great way to maximise your storage space. For more laundry decor ideas and tips for maximising your storage options, check out Spotlight's informative laundry storage buying guide.

How do you store laundry products safely?

Potentially hazardous cleaning chemicals and laundry products need to be stored safely, especially if you have small children or pets in the home. Follow these tips to ensure the safety of you and your family:

  • Make sure cleaning products and laundry products are stored up high where small hands cannot reach them.
  • Ensure your chosen products have child safety caps and are always secured tightly after use.
  • Ensure your products are stored in a temperature-stable environment and you adhere to storage instructions as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Invest in child safety locks for your laundry cabinets for an extra layer of security.

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Find everything you need to keep your clothing and home clean, tidy and organised with Spotlight's extensive laundry supplies range. Complete your home organising efforts with the range of home storage solutions at Spotlight, where you can find storage baskets, boxes & tubs, shelves & rails and so much more. Shop laundry essentials online to enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your order, or head into your local Spotlight store to explore the range in person. Don't forget to sign up as a Spotlight VIP member to enjoy exclusive discount prices, early sales alerts and more great benefits.



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