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Tie-dye is a fun way to add colour to your clothing and other fabrics! Create a unique pattern and proudly wear your colourful pieces. At Spotlight, you can find a huge range of tie dye kits, fabric dye and fabric paints to help you get creative. Our one-step tie dye kits are easy and convenient to use, the dyes come in easy applicator bottles so all you have to do is add cold water. Featuring quality brands such Tulip, you can trust us for quality products at low prices. Don't forget to browse the range of craft blank components which are perfect for your tie-dye project.

Common Pitfalls Of Fabric Dyeing

Even those who have some experience dyeing fabric will tell you that there are some common pitfalls when it comes down to dyeing fabrics. Fortunately, Spotlight has lined up these common pitfalls and how you avoid them.

  • Stitches: Stitching on fabrics can be a wildcard when it comes down to dyeing. While the majority of clothing manufacturers will use a thread in the same material as the overall fabric, this is not always a guarantee. So, when you dye clothing or another item that has stitching made from a different material, the dye results can be quite different.
  • Stains: One of the main reasons why people look at dyeing some of their old clothing is to cover up a stain. Unfortunately, stains do not necessarily get covered by fabric dye, as it will take the dye differently than the rest of the fabric. So, dyeing clothing to cover a stain is a big no-no.
  • Bedding: It is not uncommon to dye bedding, especially if you have the most comfortable bed linen, but you do not necessarily like the colour. Of course, dyeing large items is more difficult than dyeing a top or a pair of trousers. One of the most important things when you dye larger items is that you keep the fabrics moving. If you leave the bedding stagnant while you are dyeing it, you are more likely to encounter discolourations and uneven results. In other words, keep the fabric moving as soon as you place it in your dye bath.

Tie Dye FAQs

Can I dye fabric that is not white?

Whenever you start dyeing fabric that is not white or natural, you want to look into a colour remover first. When you want to dye something that has been dyed before, the dye may not take as well. Using a colour remover on fabrics is much like using a special primer before you paint furniture or other surfaces. It effectively prepares the fabric by lightening existing colours or stripping it completely.

How do I create my own unique colours?

While there are many colours you can buy to dye your fabrics with, sometimes you have your own unique colour in mind. If this is the case, you can create your colour yourself, by using pre-bought products and your mixing skills. Since mixing colour can be a little tricky, it is recommended to create a small amount of the dye first. Once your dye is ready, you can use some simple paper towel to check the colour and see if you are happy with it. Once you know your perfect formula, you can create more colour for the fabrics that need to be dyed.

What are some tie-dye project ideas?

At Spotlight, you can find a huge range of FREE project sheets, this includes fantastic ti dye projects such as:

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Spotlight offers a massive range of fabric dye, suitable for a variety of different projects. In addition to that, there are also fine line markers, primary colour sticks, and other specialist tools to get your fabric absolutely perfect. Do not forget to have a look at the other crafting supplies available at Spotlight, as we provide more than fabric dyeing supplies alone. So, whatever you need for your crafting purposes, you will undoubtedly find it at Spotlight. Shop online or in-store today.



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