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Embroidery is a great way to alleviate stress, keep your eyes and mind sharp and hone your fine motor skills. Best of all, you can create stunning handcrafted home decor items, accessories, bookmarks and more! Whether you're a seasoned embroidery artist or are looking for beginners' cross stitch kits, Spotlight has all your embroidery essentials covered. Our range of embroidery and needlecraft supplies will set you up with everything you need to make cross stitch and other embroidered creations. Shop the selection of embroidery must-haves such as DMC stranded cottons and aida cloth, or get started on your embroidery journey with complete cross stitch kits from Spotlight's range.

What Can I Find In Spotlight's Range of Embroidery & Needlecraft Essentials?

  • Needlework Threads: Shop for individual skeins of embroidery threads or handy multi-packs from our range. Find metallic embroidery threads, satin embroidery threads and more from well-known brands like DMC.
  • Embroidery Hoops: Ensure your embroidered creations stay neat and taut while you complete your needlework. Discover bamboo embroidery hoops and plastic embroidery hoops in a variety of different sizes to suit every project.
  • Cross Stitch Kits & Embroidery Kits: Whether you like to create with cross stitch, long stitch or make richly textured works from tapestry wool, our selection of kits are sure to inspire. Discover embroidery kits and cross stitch kits that come complete with embroidery threads, cloth, needle and embroidery pattern to get you started.
  • Embroidery & Tapestry Needles: Get the best results from your embroidery projects with the right needles. Embroidery and tapestry needles are specially designed with a rounded point to prevent splitting your fabric, and a larger eye to ensure ease of threading.

Embroidery & Needlecraft Supplies FAQs

What is aida cloth?

Aida cloth is a specialist fabric with a distinct even-weave construction. This mesh-like fabric features distinct, evenly placed holes throughout the fabric to aid in creating neat and consistently sized embroidery stitches. Aida cloth is predominantly used for cross stitch embroidery, but can be used for other embroidery stitches as well. You can differentiate between different aida cloths by the "count" - for example, 18 count aida cloth has 18 holes per square inch. Higher count aida cloths mean more holes, and will create more detailed embroidery works with smaller stitches.

What is the easiest embroidery stitch?

If you're new to the art of embroidery then learning cross stitch is a great way to start. Cross stitch patterns feature an even grid of stitch markings a bit like a pixelated image. Cross stitching on aida cloth ensures you can place consistently sized stitches accurately, resulting in fabulous embroidered works for beginners and pros alike.

Is embroidery a good craft for kids?

Embroidery is a great craft for kids! If they're old enough to hold a needle safely then beginner embroidery kits are a fantastic idea for school holiday projects. Embroidery can teach great skills like patience, following patterns and learning how to combine colours - not to mention helping them perfect their fine motor skills. Look for mini cross stitch kits or embroidery kits with simple motif designs to get your little ones started - and give them the satisfaction of creating something from start to finish!

What Else Do I Need To Start Embroidering?

At Spotlight you can find all your sewing, craft and needlework essentials to establish an embroiderer's tool kit. Once you've sourced your embroidery threads, aida cloth or embroidery kit, you'll also want to ensure you have embroidery scissors to snip threads. Explore our range of needlework snips to find the right embroidery for your projects. You can also find handy floss bobbins and organisers to store your embroidery threads in our range of needle art tools & accessories. Spotlight's selection of craft lighting & magnifiers will take the stress and strain off your eyes by creating a well-lit workspace - a worthwhile investment for any embroiderer!


Create gorgeous embroidered creations with the right tools, materials and equipment from Spotlight. Shop the complete range of embroidery & needlecraft supplies online where you can enjoy the convenient option of home delivery for your purchases. Alternatively, head into your nearest Spotlight store where you can explore the complete yarn & needle art range including yarn & needle art supplies, knitting needles, crochet hooks and so much more. Learn more with our informative guide to needle felting, needle art & embroidery, and make sure you check out our FREE online needlecraft & weaving projects for more inspiration!



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