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Dine In Style Using Spotlight's Range Of Dinner Plates

Spotlight has a beautiful range of stylish dinner plates that you can choose from for your home and dining room. From the classic plain white to eye-catching textured greens and blues, we're bound to have dinner plates that suit your home and dining room's decor.

With a variety of sizes to choose from and intriguing textures across many different colours and patterns, Spotlight is your home for dinnerware and tableware you can count on. Keep an eye out for trusted brands like Casa Domani, Culinary Co. and Wiltshire to ensure you're getting dinner plates that will last.

The best materials for your dinner plates

Keep an eye out for the different materials our dinner plates are made out of, which include:

  • Ceramic: Our ceramic dinner plates tend to be split between two styles, stoneware and porcelain. Stoneware has a matte finish, is thick and durable and feels heavy like true stone. Porcelain is thin, light and often translucent, and is usually decorated with beautiful and intricate designs. Both come in a great range of colours and patterns!
  • Melamine: This resin-based material creates a hard, durable plate that is easy to clean. Its resistance to breaking and easy washing makes it a favourite for families with young children.
  • Polypropylene: Light and durable, plates made from polypropylene are great for picnics, outdoor eating and other forms of casual dining. They can be reused and washed, but are also recyclable for when you're finished using them.

Dinner plate FAQ

What are dinner plates?

Dinner plates are moderately-sized, flat plates used for eating meals, no matter the time of day. They are designed for repeat use, and so should be durable and easy to both hand and machine wash after every use.

How big are dinner plates?

Dinner plates can come in a variety of sizes, but the most common size is a 25cm diameter. They can be as large as 30cm, although once they get too small, like 20cm, they become more of a dessert or salad plate.

How do I clean dinner plates?

Almost all dinner plates are designed to be washed in a dishwasher - as one of the most-used pieces of dinnerware, you'll be washing them several times a week. More delicate plates that scratch easily should be hand washed instead.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find a huge range of quality dinnerware at Spotlight, including:

  • Bowls: You can find bowls for soup, cereal, snacks and pasta here, in a lovely range of colours and patterns.
  • Loose cutlery: Replace old cutlery or just bulk up your collection with knives, forks and spoons from our loose cutlery range.
  • Cutlery sets: For full cutlery sets that are great for first homeowners or as housewarming gifts, this category has it all! From tiny 2-piece sets to mammoth 30-piece sets, we have cutlery sets to suit all your needs.

Browse the full dining range online for all your other dinnerware and dining sets.

Find the right dinner plates at Spotlight

You can find a huge range of dinner plates online at Spotlight - safely pay and we'll deliver your dinner plates straight to your front door. You can also visit your local Spotlight store to shop for your dinner plates in person.

Make use of our dinner plates by reading our inspiring blogs on tablescaping, outdoor entertaining and pantry organisation. And make sure you're making the best purchases for your needs by consulting our dinnerware, servingware and drinkware buying guides online.



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