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Create a Delightfully Fragranced Home With Diffusers at Spotlight

Adding fragrance to your home can help create the right mood for any occasion or room - think soothing smells for your bedroom to encourage sleep, or bright citrusy fragrances to keep bathrooms or laundries smelling clean and fresh. At Spotlight, you can find the perfect home fragrance products to establish your desired effect as adding a decorative highlight to any space. Our home fragrance diffuser range includes room sprays, essential oils, ultrasonic diffusers and potpourri - read on to discover how these products can be used to scent your home!

What's The Best Home Fragrance Products For Me?

  • Reed diffusers: This type of fragrance diffuser includes bamboo reeds that sit in a glass base filled with fragrance oil. The reeds slowly absorb the oil and release fragrance into your room as the oil evaporates.
  • Room sprays & room mists: Room sprays are perfect for instantly refreshing any room with the fragrance of your choice.
  • Essential oils: These are compounds extracted from plants, via distillation or mechanical means such as cold pressing. Often used in aromatherapy, they are typically strong in fragrance and only a few drops are required at a time.
  • Ultrasonic diffusers: This type of electric diffuser disperses fragrance oils into the air using vibrations that create ultrasonic waves. Unlike some other forms of diffusion, no heat is required and very little oil is needed for each use, making them both safe and cost-effective.
  • Potpourri & dried botanicals: Made from a mixture of naturally fragrant dried plant materials or spices, potpourri is often placed in decorative bowls in the home to provide a gentle scent. It can be refreshed with a few drops of essential oil as required, and when placed into organza bags, is also a great way to fragrance drawers and linen cupboards.

Diffusers & Essential Oils FAQs

What essential oils are safe for use around my pets?

If you share your home with a furry four-legged friend, it's important to note that some essential oils are toxic for dogs and cats. This doesn't just apply to essential oils that may be accidentally ingested or absorbed through their fur. Essential oils diffused into the air can also pose a danger - just remember how acute your cat's or dog's sense of smell is! Below is a quick guide to which oils are a danger to dogs and cats. Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive, and check with your vet if you have any questions or concerns about your pet and essential oils.

Not Safe For Dogs

Cinnamon, anise, citrus, clove, garlic, juniper, pine, thyme, yarrow, tea tree/melaleuca

Not Safe For Cats

Wintergreen, peppermint, pine, eucalyptus, clove, tea tree/melaleuca, citrus, ylang ylang, cinnamon, pennyroyal

What are the benefits of using fragrance diffusers and essential oils?

When it comes to using essential oils to scent a room, you can opt for an ultrasonic diffuser or a reed diffuser for ongoing fragrance. Likewise, a room spray with essential oils can provide an extra scented boost as required. There are many benefits associated with particular essential oils, including relaxation and sleep benefits, or invigorating the senses. Here are a few some of the common benefits you may seek to add to your home and the associated essential oil:


Essential Oil


Restful Sleep


Herbal, floral


Subtly floral

Ylang Ylang




Relaxation & Stress Relief


Herbal and slightly minty


Warm and earthy


Strong and herbal


Woody and strong

Refreshing & Uplifting


Fresh and fruity


Tangy and citrusy


Cool and freshly minty

Sweet Orange

Lightly citrusy and tangy

Fragrant oil vs essential oil: what's the difference?

Both fragrant oils and essential oils are great ways to scent your home - but keep in mind that there are a couple of key differences. Fragrance oils are synthetically created (i.e. are man-made), whereas essential oils are derived from natural sources (plant materials such as spices, fruits and herbs). Fragrance oils are commonly used in scented candles and room sprays, and essential oils are best suited for use in ultrasonic diffusers or for aromatherapy purposes. Essential oils are more expensive than fragrance oils, but their benefits include a much longer shelf life (between 2 to 15 years) and a concentrated nature that means a little goes a long way.

How Else Can I Elevate My Home's Atmosphere With Spotlight?

At Spotlight we have a great selection of home decorating ranges to work with your freshly fragranced home! You can find:

  • Candles & Candle Holders: Establish a soothing atmosphere with tealight candles & stylish candle holders from Spotlight. You can also find scented candles to accompany the fragrances from your essential oils and diffusers.
  • Vases: Display your favourite floral arrangements to perfection with glass vases, ceramic vases or timber vases in a range of different shapes and sizes.
  • Ornaments: Decorative ornaments add a fabulous visual highlight to shelves, console tables and mantelpieces in your home. They can also be used to create stunning centrepieces when combined with reed diffusers and potpourri on your favourite tray or platter.

Transform Every Room With Spotlight's Fragrance Diffusers & Home Decorating Range

Spotlight has all your decorating and home fragrance needs covered! Mix and match your home fragrance diffusers and essential oils with any of our home decorating ranges to create gorgeous displays. You can also explore other homemaking additions including photo frames, rugs, and floristry & greenery to find the perfect finishing touches to every room. With Spotlight, you can shop online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery, or make your purchases in-store where our friendly team are always happy to lend a hand. For more home decorating inspiration, make sure you check out our informative Decorate articles as well!



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