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Discover Whisky Glasses & Whisky Glass Gift Sets At Spotlight

No matter how you like to enjoy your whisky, you can find the right glass for it right here at Spotlight. Our whisky glasses and whisky glass sets are designed for ease of use and for easy storage, with safe stacking and non-slip options available in single and multi-packs for your convenience. Whisky glasses also make a great gift for birthdays and other celebrations. Shop the whole range of glassware online at Spotlight and also shop coasters and barware to complete your collection.

Enjoy Whisky The Right Way

You can enjoy your whisky from a whisky glass neat or with ice. Many whisky connoisseurs advise drinking whisky neat, especially if it is top-shelf whisky. This is because ice can melt and dilute your whisky, affecting both its taste and aroma and lessening the entire whisky-drinking experience. Some whiskeys can actually benefit from a little water or ice, however - water can help unlock hidden aromas and smoothen the taste and feel of the whisky, so make sure to do your research on what the best way to drink your whisky is!

Whisky glasses FAQ

What is a whisky glass?

The timeless whisky glass found at Spotlight is the classic lowball shape that's simple design allows the colour and warmth of your whisky to shine through. The wide rim doesn't allow for fantastic nosing, but it does allow for plenty of ice and even for the making of many of your favourite cocktails! Glass and crystal whisky glasses are better choices than plastic, as they keep your drink to temperature for longer.

How to hold a whisky glass

Grip the whisky glass with all of your fingers, with your thumb on the opposite side to the rest of your digits. You can hold your palm against the glass, or hover-hold using just your fingers - hold with your palm if you want to use your hand's natural heat to warm the whisky.

How much whisky do I pour into a whisky glass?

A general whisky pour when you are drinking it neat or on the rocks is roughly 59ml, which is around 16ml more than a standard shot of alcohol. You can do the standard 44 ml shot if you are making a mixer that features whisky, like a whisky soda or a whisky and Coke.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

Spotlight has so much more than whisky glasses to offer!

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Find The Right Whisky Glasses At Spotlight

Enjoy whisky the right way with the right whisky glasses from Spotlight! You can discover the range online, multiple payment options and home delivery are all available to you. Otherwise, visit your local Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the best whisky glasses for your needs. Make sure you are buying the right glasses for your home by consulting our drinkware buying guide before making your purchases. And ensure your glassware stays in good condition with our guide to cleaning and storing glassware. Show off your new whisky glasses at home by creating your own home bar, and celebrate them with fun party ideas like our 1920s party, 1970s party and 1990s party blog articles!



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