Unicorn Cake Project



  • 8" round mondo pro cake pan
  • Cake mix/batter to make 2 x 3-4 inch high cakes in above sized tins (this design is 8 inch round 6 inch high)
  • 10" White 'Mondo' Round Cake Board
  • 'Mondo' Cranked Spatula
  • 'Mondo' Cake Turntable
  • 1 x 1.7kg of white over the top buttercream (for filling and base under fondant, may require more depending on how much filling you use)
  • 1 x 425gm tub of pastel blue 'Over The Top' buttercream
  • 'Mondo' piping bags
  • 'Mondo' Cupcake Decorating Set
  • 'Fondtastic' fondant or gumpaste - white and black
  • 'Over The Top' tylose (if you are using fondant to make decorations)
  • 'Mondo' unicorn set
  • 'Fondtastic' fondant mat
  • 'Mondo' fondant modelling tools
  • 'Over The Top' gold leaf
  • Optional - 'Chefmaster' Gold Edible Spray


Step 1 - Baking - Bake cake according to instructions. 3 X 1 inch high layers of 8 inch rounds. Alternatively, you can use 3-4 inch high cakes without torting (filling) layers with buttercream if you choose. This design you can choose to bake additional layers up to 6 inch high. Let cakes cool and trim to level.

Step 2 - Buttercream Filling - Stack cakes on cake board with buttercream in between layers. Makes sure base of cake is stuck to cakeboard using buttercream or melted chocolate. It is easier to torte (fill) and cover cakes using piping bag to apply buttercream. Don't over fill piping bag, snip end and pipe onto each layer whilst turning cake turntable to assist with even spread. Smooth buttercream over outside of cake in thin layer with spatula and chill for at least 15 minutes (crumb coat). This initial crumb coat layer does not have to be perfect. The aim is to keep the crumbs of the cake from showing in the second layer.

Step 3 - Buttercream Cover - Repeat process of covering crumb coat in smooth layer of buttercream for final outer layer if you want a perfect finish beneath fondant cover. Alternatively, you can use ganache instead of buttercream if you prefer as outer cover for cake prior to final cover in fondant.

Step 4 - Unicorn Decorations - Use mondo unicorn moulds to create horn, ears and eyes. Use white fondant (with tylose) or gumpaste to make horn and ears - allow to dry and set up Use black fondant or gumpaste to make eye lashes. Place carefully onto buttercream by fixing with small amount of water (if buttercream has dried/crusted they will not stick). Once horn and ears have set, carefully cover in gold leaf. Carefully position on top of cake and gently push into position.

Optional - use chefmaster gold edible spray to paint horn - this will not be as striking as gold leaf, however. Wait until dry before positions on cake.

Step 5 - Piping - Use Pastel blue (or colour of your choice) buttercream to pipe swirls to create unicorn mane. Finish with over the top unicorn sprinkles. Option to use chefmaster pearl edible spray to add extra shimmer.



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