Fondant Hippo Cake Topper Project

Level: Intermediate

What you'll need:

  • Over the top tylose powder
  • 9cm bamboo skewers
  • Mondo fondant modelling pack
  • Mondo fondant cutter and embosser
  • Over the top premium fondant in white, black and violet

Mixing and Distribution

Mix 120 grams of white with 30 grams of purple and 5g of black fondant

  • Body - 55g
  • Head - 55g
  • Back Legs - 9g each
  • Front Legs - 13g each
  • Tail - 2g
  • Ears 1g each plus 0.1g of white
  • Muzzle/face - 18g
  • Eyes - 0.1g each


Tip - Add tylose only to the piece of fondant you are working with, as it will avoid drying out and cracking as the developing of the tylose can take several hours, leaving your fondant soft to work with and will set hard over time.

Fondant prep

Step 1 - Mix approx. 120g of white with 30g of purple and 5g of black fondant, knead well together to create the colour. Add in a 1/2 teaspoon of over the top tylose and knead well. Cover the fondant when not in use.

Making the body

Step 1 - Roll 50g of fondant into a ball - using the side of your hands form the ball into a tear drop shape then flatter both ends as shown.

Step 2 - Insert a skewer into the body, leaving 2cm above the neck to later attach the head to, using cutter, cut to length and leave aside to dry.

Making the front and back legs

Step 1 - Roll out 2 x 9g for the back leg and 2 x 13g for the front legs. To achieve the shape, roll them between the sides of your palms like you did for the body, just smaller.

Step 2 - Use a tool to create some indents and details like toenails and knee creases.

Putting the body together

Step 1 - Using a little edible glue, brush a small amount on the positions on the body where you will attach the front and back legs. Gently press the back legs so they hug around the base of the body.

Step 2 - Gently secure the front legs on the front of the body as shown. Set aside to dry.

The Tail

Step 1 - Roll out 2g of fondant for the tail leaving a little bulb on one end. Using a Mondo embossing wheel on the smooth wheel, create tail details on the rounded bulb end.

Step 2 - Attach tail to the back of the body with a little edible glue and leave aside to dry.

The head

Step 1 - Next, roll up a 55g for the head, shaping with your fingers to the shape shown. Roll out 18g of the muzzle/front of his face in the shape shown (like a large capsule).

Step 2 - Flatten the muzzle out a little and using a modeling tool, lift the bottom middle of the fondant up a little to form the mouth area.

Step 3 - Brush on a little edible glue, and gently secure the muzzle into place. Using a balling tool, make indents for the eyes and nostrils.

Step 4 - Roll 2 x 0.1g of black fondant into a two little balls. Add a tiny amount of edible glue to the eye sockets and place the black eyeballs inside as shown.

Step 5 - Make a hole on the underside of the head for where the head will be skewered into the place on the body.


Step 1 - Using a balling tool, create 2 hollows to position in the ears.

Step 2 - Roll 2 x 1g of fondant and shape the ears. Add 2 x 0.1g of white to the inside of the ears as shown.

Step 3 - Give each ear a little pinch on one side, place a little edible glue in the inside of the hollows you created in the head and gently place the ears into place.


Step 1 - Brush a little edible glue on the skewer that pops out the top of the body, and gently push the head into place.

Tip - tilt the head of your hippo in a slight angle to give your creation a super cute look.



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