Annablue Quilt Project

Level: Easy

What You'll Need:

  • 60cm of a variety of 5 fabrics all
  • 60cm - Main square fabric

Fabric Binding: 45cm

Finished Size: 140 x 170cm


Cut from main variety of fabrics: 66 - 5.5 x 11 inch rectangles

Cut from main square feature fabric: 84 - 3 x 3 inch squares

Step 1 - Begin by making each individual block. On each corner of the rectangle lay the square face down and sew diagonally across the square. Trim the excess fabric off leaving a quarter inch seam. Press into place. Do this for each corner of the rectangle pieces.

Step 2 - Once all block have been assembled. Begin sewing blocks together in strips of 11.

Step 3 - Once all strips are assembled then line up and sew each strip together slowly pressing gently until all strips have been sewn and quilt top has been created.

Step 4 - Sandwich and quilt your quilt. When sandwiching your quilt always allow a good 10cm larger on each side of the quilt. Once quilted trim and bind.



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