Quilted Triangle Pouches Project



  • 22cm square of printed cotton fabric (outer)
  • 22cm square of printed cotton fabric (lining)
  • 22cm square of fusible light weight pellon wadding
  • 30+ cm zipper
  • Scissors, Pins, Tape measure/ruler
  • Sewing machine, zipper foot & matching thread
  • Optional: gold sewing thread
  • Iron


Step 1 - Cut each fabric and wadding square through the middle diagonally to produce two equal right angled triangles per square. Place one triangle aside of each fabric and wadding. These can be used for another pouch if desired.

Step 2 - Fuse wadding to the wrong side of outer fabric.
Optional - Fabric & wadding at this stage can be quilting by sewing lines through the layers 2cm apart using a contrasting gold thread.

Step 3 - Cut off the stoppers on each end of the zipper and remove zip pull from zipper. Place one of the zip tapes, right side down along the long angled side of the right side of the quilted fabric, aligning the outer edge of zip tape with raw fabric edge. Sew zip tape to fabric using a zipper foot.
Place lining piece of fabric on top of quilting fabric and zipper with right sides facing. Sew lining to outer fabric over same stitching line on the zip. Press fabrics down away from the zip teeth.

Step 4 - Bring zip ends together making the zip tape loop and ensure the top bend in loop is at the center of the fabric. Slide the zip pull back onto the ends of the zipper tape threading through the zipper teeth. Bring the zip pull half way up the zip.

Turn the pouch wrong way out with the lining to the outer and the zip running through the center of the pouch. Ensuring the zip is half way closed, pin all layers of the outer raw edges together. Sew round all raw outer edges with a 1cm seam allowance, double backing a few times over the zipper teeth to secure. Trim seams, corners and excess zip tape. Over lock, zig zag or cover raw seams with bias tape.

Turn pouch right way out and pushout corner seams. Press.



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