Anisa Peacock Panel Quilt Project

Level: Easy


  • 1 Panel - 23.5 x 42 inches
  • 10cm - Small Inner panel border
  • 1 Metre - Large outer border
  • 50cm - A choice of two fabrics for the triangle border


Finished size: 125 x 175cm

Step 1 - Trim Peacock Panel to the cut out line this should measure 23.5 x 42 inches.

Step 2 - Cut 24 - 4 6/8 inch squares and cross cut so you have 48 triangles.

Step 3 - With the alternate fabric cut 20 5 inch squares and cross cut so you have

40 triangles.

Step 4 - With same alternate fabric cut 4 6.5 inch squares and cross cut so you have 8 larger triangles for each corner of the triangle border.

Step 5 - Cut 1.5 inch strips of fabric for the inner thin border that first goes around the panel. Sew the pieces to each edge and trim neatly.

Step 6 - Begin piecing the triangles to one another forming each side of the triangle border.

Step 7 - Once you have pieced the triangles together for edges of border set aside the 4 pieces.

Step 8 - Piece the four corner components of the quilt together and set aside.

Step 9 - Slowly add the triangle borders to the quilt.

Step 10 - Complete the triangle border by sewing large corner pieces together.

Step 11 - From the remaining fabric left for the border of the quilt cut 6 inch strips and piece to form a long enough length for each side of the border.

Step 12 - Complete the full quilt top with all edges sewn. Sandwich and quilt.

Tip Triangles can be tricky to sew together. Be careful not to stretch the fabric on the

bias when sewing to one another.



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