Macrame Wall Hanging 2 Project

Level: Intermediate


  • 3 x 50m 'Semco' Macrame Cord 90% Cotton 10% Polyester.
  • 1 Ball each of 3 Colours, ABBEY ROAD 100 gram Bulky Yarn.
  • 8mm Crochet hook.
  • 2.5cm x 68cm Flat Dowel, TasOak (hardward store) - Round or a branch can also be used.
  • Craft Glue.


  • Rubber Bands - to hold wrapped cords, with more taken out as needed.
  • Sticky Tape can be used to wrap around the ends to prevent fraying.

Finished Size

57 (not including dowel) x 60cm


W.C. - Working Cords, term given to cords to make knots.

F.C. - Filler Cords, term given to cords that knots are made around.


Cut lengths as follows:

W.C.: 36 x 4 metres(for body of work), 1 x 4 metres(for hanging), off cuts for adding.

Note: To better manage this work, you can support each end of the rod on the backs of chairs and work sitting down.

When referring to cord numbers, it is a new count from left to right to identify the working cord to use.

Step 1: Attach W.C. to rod, using a L.H. knot. 72 W.C. in total.

Step 2: Working from left to right, take first cord as a F.C. lay horizontally and work a row of H.D.H.H. R to end.

Step 3: Working in alternating S.K. work 2 rows. With first row using all W.C, and 2nd row with first 2 W.C. and last 2 not worked.

Step 4: Work 4 S.K. with first 16 W.C, skip next 20 W.C. then work 6 S.K. with next 24 W.C, leave last 12 cords not worked.

Step 5: Skip first 2 cords, work 2 S.K. with next 8 W.C. skip next 32 W.C. then work 2 S.K. with next 8 W.C, leave last 22 cords not worked.

Step 6: Working from right to left and follow the wavy line along the bottom of the alternating S.K, take last cord as a F.C. lay horizontally and work a row of H.D.H.H. L to end.



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