Fleece Seal Blanket Project



  • 80cm of printed minky fabric (back)
  • 80cm of plain minky dot fabric (front)
  • 18cm square of cuddle fleece
  • Small scraps of black felt
  • Small scrap of pink minky fabric
  • Heat n bond fusible fabric adhesive
  • Scissors, Pins, Tape measure/ruler, Pencil, Hand needle
  • Sewing machine, matching threads
  • Iron & pressing cloth


Step 1.From template provided, cut one back from printed fabric and one front from plain minky fabric. Fold under 1cm along two adjacent sides of the square of cuddle fleece. Pin the cuddle fleece square to the right side of the top of the plain minky fleece front, with the raw edges aligned with the top corner. Hand sew or machine top stitch the folded edges of the square to the minky front piece and baste top raw edges together.

Step 2.Small face: Fuse a small piece of heat n bond paper to the back of black felt. Using template provided, trace eyes and mouth shape onto back paper of heat and bond paper. Carefully cut out using sharp scissors. Peel off backing paper and place adhesive side down onto the front of the fleece fabric piece as per template. Using a pressing cloth or tea towel, fuse the eyes and mouth to fabric using iron. Repeat the same method to make the nose shape from pink minky fleece. Top stitch eyes, nose and mouth to further secure using matching thread.

Step 3.Ears: Using template provided, cut 2 ear shapes from both the plain and printed minky fleece. With right sides facing, place one printed ear shape to one plain ear piece. Sew together with a 1cm seam allowance leaving flat ends open. Clip and trim curved seam and turn right way out. With the plain fleece facing up, bring the sides of the ears into the middle front and pin and baste raw edges flat. With the printed side of the ears facing up, pin to the front of the cuddle fleece face, aligning raw side edges of the fleece square. Baste raw edges together.

Step 4.With right sides facing, pin front and back fabric pieces together. Sew together with a 1.5cm seam allowance leaving a 10-15cm gap along one side of the blanket. Clip and trim all curves in the seam. Turn blanket right way out through opening, press flat. Press the opening seam allowance under to the inside. Hand sew opening closed. Top stitch around the outer edge 5mm in from edge.



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