Polar Fleece Picnic Blanket Project


Use a 1.5cm seam allowance unless stated otherwise

Step 1 - Cut a piece of printed polar fleece measuring 1.2m wide by 1.4m long.

Overlock all outer edges.

Step 2 - Using the template provided cut out two flaps from cotton drill fabric.

Pin the loop side of the hook & loop tape to the right side of one of the flap pieces 2cm up from the base edge and centered in the middle. Sew tape securely to fabric around outer edges of tape.

Step 3 - Cut a length of cotton tape to the same wide of one of the front flaps. Pin this tape across the width of the front of the flap piece that has no hook & loop tape, with the top edge of the tape 5cm down from the top edge of the flap. Top stitch the length of tape in place along the outer edge of the tape.

Step 4 - With right sides facing pin flap pieces together and sew together leaving the straight top edges open.

Trim seams and clip corners. Turn right way out and press flat. Overlock the top raw edges together. Top stitch around all outer edges.

Step 5 - Cut a 25cm length from the remaining tape to make the handle. Fold under 1cm along each raw side and pin the folded edges of the handle 6cm in from side edge of the flap directly over the top of the already sewn down length of tape. Sew the handle ends down by sewing in a cross hatch 2.5cm wide through all layers.

Step 6 - With the handle side of the flap facing down, pin the flap to the middle of one of the shorter sides of the polar fleece fabric aligning the raw and overlocked edges. Sew together 5mm in from the edge.

Step 7 - Fold under 15mm hem along all edges of the fleece, sew in place.

Step 8 - Lay blanket right side down. Fold in side edges of blanket along whole length towards the middle to achieve a width just larger than the width of the flap. From the base, roll the blanket up towards the flap.

Once rolled up, place the flap over the rolled blanket to mark where the other side of the hook & loop tape needs to be positioned for the blanket to be fastened. Pin the other side of the hook & loop tape to the blanket, unroll blanket and sew tape in place.

Optional - This blanket can be altered to become a double sided or lined blanket.

Backing fabric can either be another layer of polar fleece, or firmer cotton fabric or a water proof fabric.

You will need the same amount of this extra fabric as the front polar fleece fabric.

Omit overlocking edges in Step 1.

Omit Step 7 with right sides together, pin fabric backing to fabric front. Sew together leaving an opening of 15cm along the base edge. Trim corners and turn blanket right way out through the opening. Press the opening's seam allowance to the inside and sew opening closed. Top stitch around outer edges of the blanket 1cm in from the outer edge.

Continue with Step 8.


Note - This template has been scaled. You will need to print this template at actual size and blow it up by 400% to make it full size.



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