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Coordinated bath towel collections and bath towel sets add the finishing touches to immaculately presented bathrooms.

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Introduce a new, integrated look into your bathroom - with minimum fuss - with a towel set or towel collection. The variety of colours and designs means you can change the decor of your bathroom every time you put your towels through a wash cycle too.

Opting for an all-in-one towel collection is excellent value for money because, rather than buying the items separately, you get them bundled together for a better price. Many towel sets will include as standard the following items: bath towel (140cm x 70 cm), bath sheet (160cm x 80 cm), face washer (33cm x 33 cm), hand towel (60cm x 40 cm) and bath mat (80 x 50 cm).

The right towel for the right job in your bath towel set

Bath towels are the most common type of towel you're likely to use daily. These are large enough to wrap around your body and can usually be wrapped around the head to dry wet hair.

Bath sheets are much larger than bath towels, which means they can completely cover up your whole body without leaving any gaps or too much skin exposed.

Face washers are the smallest towels and are used for cleaning, washing, removing make-up and drying the face. Using towels exclusively for your face ensures you won't be transferring oils, dirt and bacteria from the rest of your body.

Hand towels are the perfect size for drying off and cleaning both hands. Having hand towels within easy reach ensures your regular bath towels stay clean and dry when you need to use them.

Bath mats are usually placed on bathroom floors next to bath tubs and showers for absorbing water from your feet and dripping bodies when you step out of the shower or tub. They also prevent you from slipping on wet floors.

Replacing your towel sets

You should always change and wash your towel sets on a regular basis - every four or five washes. Look at buying new towel collections annually or as soon as they feel rougher than usual on your skin.

Find the right bath towel sets at Spotlight

Ready to purchase? You can click through our extensive range of towel collections and buy online. Or, peruse our range of individual bath sheets, bath towels, face washers and hand towels to bring any bathroom to life and keep you fresh, clean and dry.

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