Timbercraft Wall Art Project



Step 1. Use acrylic paint to paint a rainbow across the timber. The paint will be covered by glitter so it doesn't need to be perfect coverage.

Step 2. Once paint is dry, place a sheet of paper underneath the section you are working on. Paint PVA glue onto timber 1 letter at a time and sprinkle glitter over the glue to cover each letter.

Step 3. Leave glitter to dry onto the glue for a few minutes, then shake off excess onto the piece of paper below. This way you can collect the left over glitter and pour back into glitter container.

Step 4. Repeat this process for each letter until the entire word is complete.


Step 1. Use acrylic paint to paint each stripe of the rainbow. You will need to do numerous coats to get a solid colour as the wood soaks up the paint.

Step 2. Repeat this process with the base, we chose a light grey.

Step 3. For the cloud, paint with white acrylic paint and allow drying before painting another coat. Then paint the front side with PVA glue and sprinkle white glitter on the surface. Allow to dry for a few minutes before shaking off the excess.

Step 4. Once all the pieces are dry, put the rainbow together and display!


Step 1.For the rainbow paint the front side of wood with white paint, allow to dry in between coats.

Step 2. Once dry, trace around the outside of shape onto patterned paper and cut out.

Step 3. Paint some PVA glue on the back unpainted side of the rainbow and stick paper right side up onto rainbow so that the pattern shows through to the front. Allow to dry before hanging.

Step 4.For the clouds and stars, paint using acrylic paint and allow to dry.

Step 5. Paint PVA glue over the top and sprinkle glitter to decorate.

Step 6. Once dry shake off excess and hang!



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