Speedball Block Printing Project


Step 1 - Use a slightly warm iron to transfer images from a freshly printed laser or inkjet printer paper or draw your own design directly on the block. Remember that designs with words or copy will print in reverse and create a mirror image.

Step 2 - Once you have drawn your design carve away the areas you do not want to be printed. Use the different sized tips to carve out the different parts of the block. You can also show more detail and emphasis in your cutting by using cutters of varying widths, employing light and heavy cuts.

Step 3 - When you are happy with the finished design you can apply the ink provided in the kit. Water soluble inks work best. Pour the ink into a tray or dish and roll the paint roller through it.

Step 4 - Roll the paint roller over the carved block carefully and evenly distributing the ink. Once you are happy with the coverage you can now use your block to print fabric, canvases and more! Pressing firmly and reapplying after each print.

Step 5 - Always remember to clean your block with soap and water when you have finished printing.



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