Elements Easter Baskets Project


  • Co-ordinating Elements fabrics for outer (9 prints)
  • 22cm x 12cm Elements fabric for outer base
  • 25cm Elements fabric for lining
  • 10cm Elements fabric for straps
  • 10cm Elements fabric for ears
  • Matching G�termann sewing thread
  • 20cm single-sided fusible Peltex 71F for ears
  • 20cm Fusible Pellon (H640) for outer bag & strap
  • 2 x large button for eyes
  • 1 x small button for nose
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure, pins, pencil
  • Handle sewing needle
  • Sewing machine & overlocker
  • Note - 1cm seam allowance used throughout unless stated otherwise.



Step 1. Cut 36 x 7cm squares from assorted co-ordinating cotton fabrics. Sew squares together to make three rows of 12 squares wide. Sew rows together to make a patchwork piece 3 squares high by 12 squares across. Cut a piece of fusible Pellon to the same size and fuse to the wrong side of patchwork fabric.

Step 2. With rights facing, sew two shorter ends together to make a loop of fabric. Press seam open. Trim Pellon back to seam line.

Step 3. With right sides facing, pin the outer base piece of fabric to bottom edge of looped fabric aligning corners of base with seam lines in the patchwork. Sew together pivoting at corners. Trim corner and pellon back to seam line.

Step 4. Turn right side out and press. Press under 1cm along the top edge.


Step 5. Cut out 4 x pieces for ears using template provided. With right sides facing, sew two pieces together. Clip seams, turn right side out and press. Repeat with other
two pieces to make another ear.

Step 6. Cut out 2 x ear insert shapes from Peltex and insert one into each fabric ear. Fuse Peltex to the fabric ears. Place the uncovered Peltex end of ears, in the middle on the inside of one long side of the bag, with fusible side of Peltex facing wrong side of patchwork fabric. Ensuring the pressed under edge of bag is still pressed under against the fabric ears, fuse ears to back of patchwork fabric.

Step 7. Sew buttons onto the front of the bag below the ears through all layers to complete look of bunny face.


Step 8. Cut two 7.5cm x 40cm long strips from cotton fabric. Press strips in half lengthways with wrong sides facing. Cut a 3cm x 40cm long strip of Pellon.

Step 9. Open out pressed fabric strip and place Pellon strip inside aligning edge of Pellon with pressed crease. Fuse in place. Press the excess fabric along the long edge back over the Pellon. Re-press fabric strip in half and press in remaining long edge to align with other edge. Topstitch strap together 3mm in from each outer edge of strap. If desired topstitch another two rows of strips approximately 8mm apart. the right side of the bag in the centre of one side, aligning raw edge of bag and raw edge of strap (strap should be facing down). Stitch together 8mm from raw edge. Loop strap over to the centre of the other side of bag and repeat sewing strap to bag.


Step 11. From lining fabric cut one piece 62cm long x 23cm wide. With right sides facing, sew the two short ends of the lining fabric together and press seam open.

Step 12. Cut another piece of lining fabric 22cm long x 12cm wide for the base. Sew base to lining as in step 3. Press under 1cm along top edge of lining.

Step 13. With ears and strap facing upwards and outer top edge of bag pressed under, place lining inside bag. Pin pressed edge of outer bag to pressed top edge of lining. Stitch together 5mm
in from pressed edges sewing through all layers including ears and s + trap to secure inside bag.



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