Multi Purpose Fabric Bucket Project


  • Cotton duck & scrimmed fabric as pot plant cover size (cut sizes):
  • 45 x 50 + 15cm - 1m Cotton Duck Fabric, 1m Scrimmed Hessian
  • 35 x 40 + 12cm - 0.75m Cotton Duck Fabric, 0.75m Scrimmed Hessian
  • 25 x 30 + 10cm - 0.5m Cotton Duck Fabric, 0.5m Scrimmed Hessian
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • 'Birch' Mod Podge Stiffy


Step 1 - Cut the panels of both duck fabric and scrimmed hessian fabric as per the required size of cover using the table below.

Step 2 - To finish and seal cotton duck fabric, use Mod Podge Stiffy on fabric as per instructions on pack.



45 x 50 + 15cm

35 x 40 + 12cm

25 x 30 + 10cm

Panel 1 - Side Panels

(Duck & Scrimmed Hessian Fabric)


145 x 53

114 x 44

83 x 34

Panel 2 -

Folded Cuff

(Scrimmed Hessian Fabric)


145 x 35

114 x 28

83 x 24

Panel 3 - Bottom Round

(Duck Fabric)


Diameter 48

Diameter 44

Diameter 29

Note - Figures in the following process are written for 45x50+15cm size (Refer to table for required size).

Step 3 - Take Panel 1 of duck fabric and stitch both ends of 53cm side together keeping fabric inside out. do the same with Panel 1 of scrimmed hessian fabric.

Step 4 - Take Panel 2 of scrimmed hessian fabric and fold along the length side to make it 145 x 17.5cm and stitch it with panel 1 of scrimmed hessian fabric from one end.

Step 5 - Now take the Panel 3 of Duck Fabric and stitch it on one side of the stitched Panel 1 of Duck fabric making the bottom of the cover.

Step 6 - Now take the stitched panel of Scrimmed Hessian Fabric and put it over the duck fabric stitched panel and stitch it along with the bottom edge and along with the opening area of cover.

Step 7 - Now turn the cover inside out and drag scimmed hessian fabric Panel 2 to outside to make the folded flap around the cover.

Your multi purpose fabric bucket is ready to use now.



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