Macrame Plant Hanger Project


What you'll need:

  • Crafters choice dusty rose recycled macramé cord
  • Split ring
  • Comb or brush
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape


Step 1 - Cut 8 x 400cm lengths and then cut 2 x 80cm lengths, tape ends.

Step 2 - Drape the 400cm lengths inside the split ring, you will need to make one side approx. 120cm then the other with the remaining 280cm, you can line up all eight cords to make this easier.

Step 3 - Using an 80cm length, secure a wrap knot under the split ring around all the cords.

Step 4 - You should have 16 cords, split these into groups of four ensuring you have two long and two shorts.

Step 5 - Working with the first group, ensure the shorter cords are in the middle, begin creating half knots, the cords will begin to twist, continue until you've worked approx. 44cm of half knots.

Step 6 - Repeat step five with the other three groups, you will want to check your work and ensure all worked lengths are approx. similar length.

Step 7 - At the end of each group of cord create a Square Knot, this will straighten the direction of the cords.

Step 8 - We will now take two cords from each group and work with the neighboring two cords of the next group to accommodate the pot. Leave 12cm unworked and work 2 x Square Knots using alternating cords. You will do this four times total to work around the hanger. You may need to adjust and review the work to ensure this is balanced.

Step 9 - Leave 8cm unworked and secure the 80cm length as a wrap knot for all 16 working cords.

Step 10 - Create the tassels by cutting 18 x 35cm lengths. Attach these to the hanger with a lark head knot, you will want nine lengths on one side and nine on the other.

Step 11 - Split and fray the tassel lengths, comb with a brush.

Step 12 - Repeat Steps 10 & 11 on the other three sections.

Step 13 - Cut the working cords under the last wrap knot approx. 13cm from the base and fray as desired.

Step 14 - Trim cords as desired, an extra brushing may also be required.



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