White Lattice Brimmed Hat Project



  • Large Boater Hat White
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Quick unpick
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Hat elastic


Step 1 - Use the quick unpick to unpick the white hat base. Be sure to only unpick the threads holding the trim together not the thread that is sewn through the trim. You want to unravel the brim until you reach the base of the crown. Then start unravelling again from the centre of the top of the crown until about 3 rows above the base of the crown. You'll be left with a solid band still intact - this will be the base of your new hat so ensure it stays intact. Keep the thin plastic piping that is encased in the brim as you will reuse that in the new brim.

Step 2 - Once unpicked cut the long strands of trim into the below sizes:

For the Brim:

  • 24 x 18cm lengths
  • 12 x 25cm lengths
  • 12 x 20cm lengths
  • 1 x 70cm length

For the Crown:

  • 10 x 25cm length
  • 2 x 18cm lengths

Step 3 - Starting with the brim pieces, take 1 of the 18cm lengths and look for a thread that is encased inside the edge of the trim at both ends of the trim. There are threads on both sides, but you only need to use 1 side and it doesn't matter which side you choose to work with. Carefully pull that thread, working from both ends until the trim starts to change shape. You want to continue pulling the threads until a tear drop shape is formed and the ends of the trim are overlapping. Be careful not to pull the thread out completely.

Repeat this until all the 18cm lengths and 25cm lengths are small and large tear drop shapes.

Step 4 - Now that you have all the tear drop shapes you can begin to build your brim. Overlap the large and small tear drop shapes so they are intertwined and create a lattice design. Once all the tear drops are overlapped you can glue or hand sew the ends of each shape together to lock the tear drops in place. You should have a circular chain of tear drop shapes.

Step 5 - Now lay the chain of tear drop shapes onto a flat surface with the original base of the hat, position the chain around the base of the hat so you can ensure you're working towards the right circular shape. Once happy with the placement, glue or sew the tops of each tear drop onto the base of the hat.

Step 6 - Repeat the same process in Step 3 of pulling the thread inside the trim with the 12 x 20cm lengths of trim. Instead of creating a tear drop shape, this time you will create a semi-circle shape that will join every 2nd smaller tear drop shape and create the outside of your brim. Once all the semi circles are complete, sew or glue in place onto the small tear drop shapes, these will overlap each other as well, adding to the intricate lattice detail.

Step 7 - Take the plastic piping from the original hat and sew or glue it onto the new brim edge. It should mostly be able to be hidden behind the trim of the brim but as it is clear it won't matter if you can see it slightly. This will help make the brim stronger.

Step 8 - To finish the brim, take the 70cm piece of trim and slightly curve it (pulling the inside threads) to replicate the size of the inside of the crown. This piece will be glued or sewn on top of the tear drop pieces to cover the raw edges. Once happy with the shape, glue or hand sew in place.

Step 9 - Now you can work on the crown. Repeat Step 3 with the 10 x 25cm pieces to create 10 large tear drops and 2 small circles with the 18cm pieces. Once again overlap the teardrops to intertwine them and create a circle shape to become the top of your hat. Once happy with the shape, glue or sew the tear drops together. Use the smaller circle shapes to cover the raw edges and glue one on the top and one underneath to sandwich the raw edges inside.

Step 10 - To finish the crown, carefully pin the tear drop shapes to the inside of the base of the crown. Once happy with the placement, hand sew or glue in place.

Step 11 - Lastly, attach some thin hat elastic to the inside edges of the brim and now you hat is ready to wear!



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