Spring Racing Millinery Fascinator Project

Level: Beginner

What You'll Need:

  • Mini Crown boater hat
  • Oversized Crinoline side bow
  • Black Hat Elastic
  • Black Thread
  • Iron
  • Pins
  • Sewing Needle
  • Scissors


Step 1 - Remove the crinoline trim from the headband. Carefully use a small amount of steam from the iron to remove any glue.

Step 2 - Pin the crinoline to the hat base, placing the centre of the crinoline up against the crown of the hat and pinning it in two places. Adjust the edges of the crinoline and pin two of the edge points of the crinoline down onto the brim.

Step 3 - Thread your needle with a double thread. Where the pins are securing the crinoline to the hat use a tie tack to hold it in place and remove the pin. Create a tie tack by putting your needle through both layers of the material, keeping a long tail, holding the tail, doing a small stitch and taking the thread back to the side you started on, repeat so you form two stitches in the same place then tie the thread together with a double knot then trim off the excess thread.

Step 4 - Decide on the position of the piece, traditionally a women's hat would be worn down on an angle over the right eye with the trim on the upper left side when it is being worn. Mark with pins where the elastic should be, which is just above the ear.

Step 5 - Cut a length of elastic that goes from one side of the hat, around the back of your head and to the other side. Put a knot 1cm from each end. Then stitch the elastic where the pins mark the position.



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