Hessian Pumpkins Project



  • 40cm Natural Hessian
  • Roll Vivaldi Blossoms Florist Twine, natural
  • 2pk iDye for Natural Fabrics, deep orange
  • 750g bag Great Balls of Fibre Fill
  • Rubber bands
  • Scissors, tape measure, tacky craft glue
  • Bucket or basin for dyeing
  • Rubber gloves
  • 1/4 cup Non-iodized salt
  • Old wooden spoon
  • Paper towel
  • Sewing machine



Step 1. Cut 3 x 40cm squares of hessian and wet ready for dyeing.

Step 2. Wearing rubber gloves, put enough very hot water into basin to cover the hessian. Add the 2 packets of dye and the salt and stir until dissolved.

Step 3. Add the wet hessian to the dye bath, pushing down so it is totally covered. Leave for 2-3 hours.

Step 4. Wearing rubber gloves remove the hessian from the dye bath. Rinse under cold water. Continue until water runs clear. Hang on line to dry.


Step 5. Trim dyed hessian squares 36cm x 28cm. Fold in half and stitch the 28cm sides together. This creates a 14cm x 36cm sleeve. Leave inside out.

Step 6. Cut 6 x 45cm lengths of natural twine and knot together at one end. Insert into the hessian sleeve so the knot sits just inside the edge with short tail ends visible.

Step 7. Gather the hessian together just below the knot inside the sleeve and secure with a rubber band. Turn sleeve right side out with long tails of twine hanging down.

Step 8. Stuff with fibre fill leaving 8-10cm unfilled. Gather the unfilled open end and secure with another rubber band.

Step 9. Bring the twine strands up to the top one at a time and tie around the rubber band, pulling tightly to create the pumpkin sections. Space as evenly as possible.

Step 10. Cut a 2m length of twine and tie one end in a tight knot around the top covering the rubber band. Adjust the hessian pulling to smooth out and even up the sections until happy with the look then trim top of hessian to a length of 4-5cm.

Step 11. Pull the ends of the 6 strands up into the hessian at the top and tightly wrap the long end of the 2m length of twine around the hessian to create the stem. Wrap up to the top then back down to tie off with the other end in a secure knot. Apply some tacky glue to the knot. When glue is dry trim off any excess twine.

Step 12. Apply some tacky glue to the top of the stem and allow to dry.

Note: We used Vivaldi Florist Twine Natural 3mm to make these spooky decorations.



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