Boo Bunting Project



  • Ghouls and Greetings,white,112cm
  • Witchy Night Ride,ppl/black,112cm
  • Stars and Moon, black, 112cm
  • Spooky Night, black, 112cm
  • Halloween Bats, purple, 112cm
  • Halloween Spiders,white/black,112cm
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Black cotton binding


Step 1. Create bunting template by drawing a triangle on card to your desired size, adding 1cm seam allowance around the entire template. We have made our template 50cm long by 20 cm wide at the top.

Step 2. Fold fabrics and trace template off, cutting 2 of each print.

Step 3. Sew along the 2 long sides. Leave the top part of the triangle open. Then trim off excess fabric at the tip of the triangle to make the point of the bunting flag neat.

Be careful NOT to cut into the seam line! Then press flat for easier turning.

Step 4. Turn right side out. Push out the tip of the triangle using something pointy such as a knitting needle, chopstick or something similar.

Step 5. Repeat this process with the other triangles and once all are sewn and turned out, press flat with an iron to get the perfect shape.

Step 6. Sew the flags onto the binding. Leave at least 25 cm of binding on each side of the bunting for tying/ hanging. Fold the binding in half (lengthways) as you sew, inserting the first flag by tucking the unfinished side of the triangle between the two binding layers. Then leave a gap before the next flag. No matter how long the gap, just make sure to space the gaps evenly. Then repeat on all pieces.

Step 7. Once all the flags are sewn onto the binding, press entire bunting and hang.



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