Nest Egg Bonnet Project



  • 1 x 'Happy Easter' Bonnet Natural
  • 'Happy Easter' Paint Your Own Eggs 8pk
  • Scissors
  • 'Happy Easter' Assorted Shred
  • Natural twine
  • Acrylic Paint (Yellow, blue and brown)
  • Paint brushes + sponge
  • 'Happy Easter' Chenille Chicks
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


Step 1 - Paint the eggs in your chosen colours using the acrylic paint. Leave to dry before painting a second coat. Then using a sponge and some brown paint lightly dab the paint onto the top part of the egg. Once the paint has dried, paint darker brown dots over the sponged areas with a fine paint brush to. Repeat with 2 more eggs.

Step 2 - While the eggs are drying, you can begin assembling the nest. Take the green shred and bundle a handful of it together to create a circle roughly the same size as the crown of the bonnet. Carefully put hot glue over the crown of the bonnet and press the shred into it to secure.

Step 3 - Cut long strands of the natural twine, about a meter long and roughly 15 of strands. Tie the strands in a knot at one end and plait the rest together. Once you have created a loose plait you can wrap it around the green shred on top of the bonnet. It should wrap around a few times, use another piece of the twin to tie it altogether in a few spots. Then use the hot glue gun again to secure the twine to the bonnet creating your birds nest.

Step 4 - Position your eggs in the nest, if you want you can carefully cut one open with scissors and place a chick inside it to look as though it has just hatched. Glue eggs and chicks in position with hot glue gun.

Step 5 - To finish attach more green shred and chicks on the brim of the bonnet using the hot glue gun to secure in place.



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