Watford & Mack Cushions Project



  • 2 x Cushion inserts (52cm and 46cm)
  • Watford and Bosco Plaid upholstery fabric
  • Mack upholstery fabric
  • Thread
  • Pins, tape measure
  • Scissors, Seam ripper
  • Chalk, ruler, square set
  • Sewing machine


Step 1. Start by measuring the cushion pad itself. For the width of the cushion add 3cm for a seam allowance, so 49cm for a 46cm cushion. For the length, double this width and add 10cm to allow for the envelope overlap, so 108cm. Do the same for other cushion.

Step 2. Transfer these measurements to your fabric using a ruler, dressmakers chalk and a setsquare to get an absolute
right angle, and cut out the front cushion panel

Step 3. At the two short ends of your fabric create a double hem as these will be the edges of your envelope opening. Fold the fabric over by 1.5cm and press, and then fold the fabric over the previous fold by another 1.5cm, press, pin and tack in place.

Step 4. Using a sewing machine set to straight stitch to sew the hems on the right side of the fabric.

Step 5. With right sides facing, pin and tack the cushion panel together, making sure to overlap the double hemmed edges by 10cm to create the envelope opening. Pin along the unsewn edges and sew together using your sewing machine.

Step 6. Clip the corners and turn the cushion cover right side out, pushing a closed pair of scissors into the corners to get a crisp point. Give the cover a final press before inserting the cushion pad.



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