Leopard Bench Seat Cushion Project

Level: Easy


  • Leopard Tapestry Furnishing Fabric
  • Long bladed scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Ply wood (cut to size)
  • Piece of foam
  • Batting
  • Ironing board & iron
  • Staple gun & staples
  • Strong adhesive glue


Step 1 - Measure the top of the bench seat to determine what size piece of ply wood you will need.

Step 2 - Visit your local hardware store, and have a piece of ply wood cut to this size. Note - Ply wood varies in thickness. For comfort, we recommend up to 12mm.

Step 3 - Cut your piece of foam to match the same measurements (as above).

Step 4 - Use a strong adhesive glue to affix the foam piece to the ply wood.

Step 5 - Once the glue has dried, and the foam piece is secured in place, cut a piece of craft wadding. Note - Allowing an extra 10cm border around each side.

Step 6 - Use a staple gun to attach the wadding to the board - stapling the excess wadding to the under-side. Note - Ensure you leave a flat and even surface to work with.

Step 7 - Iron the leopard print fabric to remove any creases, and then cut a piece to match the wadding (that you prepared in step 5).

Step 8 - Lay your fabric (face side down) on a flat surface, and then lay your cushion (wadding side down) on top of it.

Step 9 - Pulling the fabric taut, staple the leopard fabric to the board.

Step 10 - Fold the corners, so they overlap slightly. This will give the neatest finish.

Step 11 - To finish the seat cushion, you can adhere the cushion to the seat permanently with glue, or alternatively, purchase some 'grip' fabric - which will keep the cushion in place.

Your bench seat is now ready to use!



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