Flannel Baby Tag Toy Project

Level: Beginner

What You'll Need:

  • 20cm of each of the selected fleece designs
  • Selection of various ribbons
  • Rotary cutter or Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron
  • Ruler, pins, thread, tailors chalk


1cm seam allowance used throughout unless otherwise indicated.

Read all instructions carefully before commencing the project.

Making Tiled Top and loops

Step 1 - Begin by cutting out all your pieces for the main body of the top part of the blanket. Use the template provided and cut nine pieces of 8cm x 8cm squares of each of the selected flannel fabrics.

Step 2 - Using the sewing machine, begin to sew the squares into rows of 3 squares x 3 squares. Once you have made these three rows lay the first strip face down on top of one of the other strips. Line up the seams so that all your squares line up. Sew together and then press open with the iron.

Step 3 - Take the final strip of three squares and lay it face down on the two strips that were just pressed. Again, line up all the seams to create neat, even rows. Press open with the iron.

Step 4 - Using the template and cut 12 tabs. Using the iron, press each tab in half lengthwise.

Step 5 - Using the iron, fold each raw side of the tab inwards 0.5cm. Sew the open edge close to form 12 long tabs.

Tip- Top stitch on both sides of the tabs for more structure.

Adding Trims and Loops

Step 1 - Using selected ribbons cut 12 pieces of ribbon, each 10cm long.

Step 2 - Using pins secure one tab and one piece of ribbon to each of the flannel squares bare sides. Each of the tabs and ribbons need to be folded in half and laying pointing to the center of the main tiled top.

Step 3 - Straight stitch all the tabs and ribbons to the edge of the square. Once you have secured them on, lay the solid back piece of the square on top. Straight stitch around the edge leaving one square length open to turn your work out. Once the edge has been closed, turn your work and press.

Step 4 - Fold the seam allowance of the opening inwards and top stitch all the way around the square pushing the ribbons and tabs out as you go around.

The baby tag blanket is ready!



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