Flannel and Minky Stuffed Animal Project


What you'll need:

  • 50cm printed flannelette
  • 50cm minky dot
  • Small amount of Hobbyfill
  • 20cm lightweight sew-on interfacing/stabiliser
  • Small safety eyes or black embroidery thread x2
  • Pink embroidery thread



Step 1 - Using the bunny body stencil, cut out one piece of flannel and one piece of minky.

Step 2 - Place the body fabrics right side together and stitch around all edges, leaving a 10cm opening at the neck edge. Trim off the points without cutting through stitching and turn right side out.

Step 3 - Top stitch around body, close to the edges, leaving the neck edge open.

Step 4 - Stuff one corner with hobbyfill, then pinch the sides together below the stuffing and hand stitch in place. Wrap the thread tightly around the base of the stuffed corner three times and secure. Repeat for the other three corners.

Step 5 - Topstitch across the opening.


Step 1 - Using the ear stencil, cut out two pieces of flannel and two pieces of minky.

Step 2 - Take one piece flannel and one piece of minky, place right sides together and stitch along the 2 long edges, leaving the short edge open. Trim the point, turn right side out and topstitch along the 2 long sides. Repeat for the other ear.


Step 1 - Using the head stencils, cut one head front, one head back and two head sides from the minky and from the interfacing or stabiliser.

Step 2 - Stitch each head piece to its corresponding piece of stabiliser, close to the edge.

Step 3 - Stitch the head sides to the sides of the head top. Attach safety eyes to the head top where marked (or embroider eyes in place).

Step 4 - Attach the ears to the head top, near the join with the head sides.

Step 5 - Stitch the under-chin seam by sewing the remaining sides together, leaving the back section open.

Step 6 - Poke ears into the nose section, with the right side of the fabric on the inside.

Step 7 - Pin the back of the head onto the bunny head, leaving a 5-7cm opening at the bottom for turning and stuffing. Stitch edges together.

Step 8 - Turn right side out by finding the ears and gently pulling them out. Stuff head firmly and hand stitch the opening closed.

Step 9 - Using the pink thread, embroider a nose in the appropriate spot on the face.

Step 10 - Hand stitch the bunny head to the bunny body at the neck edge.



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