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Spotlight's Recommended Shelves, Hooks, and Rails!

Australians can get creative with their storage solutions nowadays, especially with numerous shelves, hooks, and rails that can be added to their homes. Today, we take a closer look at some of the most popular shelves, hooks, and rails from the Spotlight catalogue. So, if you want to transform your home with some simple storage options, be sure to check out our recommendations below.

What Are the Best Storage Options for Towels?

Hooks that can be attached over the door tend to be an excellent storage solution for towels. At Spotlight, you can find several - this includes the L.T. Williams Double Over the Door Hooks.

The L.T. Williams Double Over the Door Hooks does not require any special installation, since the top of the construction simply fits over the top of your door. The door can still be closed after you hang the hooks on it, so the L.T. Williams Double Over the Door Hooks will not disturb door opening and closing in any way.

Our L.T. Williams Double Over the Door Hooks is made from stainless steel, making it suitable for damp environments such as bathrooms. The stainless steel also provides extra strength, so multiple towels and bathrobes can certainly find a permanent spot on one of the five hooks.

What Is the Most Affordable Shelving Storage Solution for the Bedroom?

One of the most effective ways to store stuff in your home or office is undoubtedly a good shelving unit. Unfortunately, many shelving units are quite expensive, leading Australians to postpone purchasing such a unit. Fortunately, Spotlight can provide you with a more affordable yet spacious option: The Premium 10-Shelf Organiser.

The Premium 10-Shelf Organiser is made from polyester, but still provides the required durability because of reinforced shelves, made from a breathable and heavy-duty material. The shelving unit can be used for the storage of shoes, but also clothing and towels.

Installation of the Premium 10-Shelf Organiser is incredibly easy! The top of the Premium 10-Shelf Organiser is equipped with a Velcro attachment. The attachment can be hung from a bar such as a wardrobe pole, keeping the shelf organiser in place.

What Are the Best Storage Options for a Child's Bedroom?

Many customers often find themselves looking for storage solutions for a child's bedroom. At Spotlight, you can find many options like that, including themed shelves such as the Ombre Blu Harper Cloud Wood Shelf.

The Ombre Blu Harper Wood Shelf is most suitable for a little girl's bedroom. The shelf has a pink colour, which stands in front a delightful white cloud design. There are also three hooks, which can be used to hang your child's coat, hooded towel, or bathrobe.

What Is the Most Original Storage Solution at Spotlight?

Sometimes you need storage for the silliest things. One prime example is mugs, since you often find yourself out of cupboard space once you empty the dishwasher. Fortunately, decent mug storage does not have to be expensive, since you could choose the Wiggly Mug Tree from Spotlight.

The Wiggly Mug Tree measures a spacious 40 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm, making it the perfect size for your kitchen countertop. The tree is made of chrome too, which gives it a beautiful look that will complement a modern or contemporary kitchen.



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