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Mould minds into highly creative and productive ones with modelling clay and art supplies that bend and stretch with the imagination.

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The benefits of modelling

Clay modelling is a fun art activity that everyone can enjoy but, from an educational perspective, it's especially effective in helping children develop their creative faculties and important motor skills such as hand-eye coordination.

Additionally, people of all ages can use modelling or sculpting clay to develop and expand concentration levels, expressing themselves in a constructive and creative way. The therapeutic benefits of modelling may also act as a welcome antidote to the many stresses and anxieties of our fast-paced, modern lives.

Fun sculpting ideas to get you started

From kids through to the professional modeller, there are so many types of modelling clays and pastes available, suitable for both oven-baking and air-drying, as well as liquid clay and paste for papier-mâché. Children of all ages will adore playing with the non-toxic selection of clays on the market that has been purpose-designed for little hands.

Try your skills at some basic sculpting projects like clay votives, clay plant pots and wall pockets for succulents and small indoor plants, bracelets, pendants and necklaces or even as containers for storing stationery, make-up essentials or kitchen utensils.

You can also use sculpting clay for producing items like pinch-pots, clay alphabet magnets, incense holders, drink coasters, candle and tealight holders, coffee mugs and dinner plates in a rainbow of different colours - perfect, personal gift ideas!

All the art supplies you need

Turn your modelling clay inspirations into reality with the necessary clay sculpting tools and accessories. This includes sculpting tool kits suitable for beginners right through to advanced clay modellers, plus shape moulds, rollers, satin glaze, oven baking clay adhesives, wet and dry sandpaper, adhesive mats and cutting blades, and blade holders.

Your creative projects will come up with the right finishing touches in the form of spray paints, finishes and varnishes, including all-purpose sealers, directional nozzles and even buffs for stunning metallic finishing.

Paints and painting supplies - brushes, sponges and resins - make decorating small and intricate projects simple and satisfying. While, for larger projects that require an acrylic, oil or watercolour finish, art and paint sets give you everything you need in the one transaction.

Find the right sculpting and modelling clay supplies at Spotlight

Before you dive into your next project, our experts explain the finer points of choosing the right paint for your project in our online buying guides, as well as advising how to spend smartly when it comes to purchasing paint brushes for kids and adults crafts.

You might also like to read where to start when your kids want to try their hand at modelling clay so you can hook their creative urges right off the bat.

Shop online or, alternatively, head into a Spotlight store to check out the range of modelling clay and art supplies available and speak with one of our friendly customer service team who'll be happy to answer your questions.



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