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Get ready to trick or treat with kids’ Halloween costumes, including fairy, monster, vampire & witch costumes. Shop kids’ Halloween costumes at Spotlight.

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Discover Kids' Halloween Costumes At Spotlight

If your child wants to celebrate Halloween, then why not find them a quality Halloween costume from Spotlight? Spotlight's huge range of kids' Halloween costumes ensures your child can represent their favourite character on October 31st - and feel free to join in on the fun with any of our adult Halloween costumes too. Make sure to take your kid's Halloween costume to the next level with the right Halloween costume accessory and application of face paint as well.

Find a costume your child loves for Halloween

No matter your child's interests, chances are Spotlight has a costume they can wear that reflects it! If your child loves their favourite TV shows, our Bluey and The Wiggles costumes will delight them, or fans of Spiderman, Harry Potter, Marvel or The Minions can all find costumes representing their favourite characters.

We also have heaps of variations on classic Halloween costumes. Take your pick from witch, fairy, demon, pirate and vampire costumes in all sorts of unique colours and designs. If you're stuck for Halloween costume ideas for kids, browse the whole collection until you see an outfit you know your child will love!

Kids' Halloween Costumes FAQ

What is a kids' Halloween costume?

A kids' Halloween costume is a fancy dress outfit designed specifically for children to wear on and around October 31st. Traditionally kids' Halloween costumes were scary, although more recently children also dress up as their favourite characters from TV, books and movies for Halloween.

What can my kids dress up as together?

If your children want to dress up as a group, we have plenty of options for you to choose from! Popular siblings your kids can dress up as include Bluey and Bingo or Bart and Lisa Simpson, or choose best friends like Sonic and Tails, Harry Potter and Ron Weasely or Woody and Buzz.

What is a good Halloween costume for a family?

If the whole family is getting in on the fun, you'll need a suitably awesome group costume to match! Try The Justice League - mum and dad can be Wonder Woman and Aquaman, your kids can be Batman and The Flash, and add in your pet as Superman to top it off. Or try a family of villains, with mum and dad as Harley Quinn and The Riddler, the kids as Poison Ivy and The Scarecrow, and your pet as The Joker. Or simply choose a more general theme - witches and wizards, demons and angels or royalty-themed group costumes are all great fun to dress up as!

What Else Can I Find For a Scary Halloween At Spotlight?

Spotlight has everything you need for Halloween this year, including:

  • Halloween craft supplies: Keen crafters will love creating their own decorations and accessories using our quality Halloween craft supplies.
  • Halloween baking supplies: Create your own delicious baked goods with our range of Halloween baking supplies, perfect for creating oozy, gooey and slimy treats!
  • Treat buckets and bags: Keep your chocolate and lollies secure as you trick or treat in any of our treat buckets and bags.

Browse the entire Halloween collection for any other Halloween supplies you could need!

Find the right kids' Halloween costumes at Spotlight

Explore Spotlight's impressive range of kids' Halloween costumes online, where you can pay your way and have your order home delivered, or visit your nearest Spotlight store to do your shopping in person. Ensure your Halloween goes smoothly by reading our blogs on throwing the ultimate Halloween party, how to throw a last-minute Halloween party, and our blog on Halloween makeup ideas.



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