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Can I purchase adult costumes at Spotlight?

Yes, you can and if you've been invited to a fancy dress party, Spotlight has a massive range of adult costumes to help you find the perfect way to make a statement and have a fun time. In Australia, dressing up isn't reserved for Halloween alone. Fancy dress parties are held year-round for birthdays, sporting events, charities and fund-raisers, office parties, hens' and bucks' nights and holiday parties. Check out our collection of adult costumes and get ready to party incognito.

What is an adult costume?

An adult costume is an outfit that is themed and styled to look the part of a certain person or group of persons. For example, a witch costume is usually comprised of a black dress, stripy stockings, a long black witch wig, a pointy black hat and a broom so when you wear these things together, you will look like a witch. Adult costumes are all the rage in the western world for parties and special events. Spotlight has a wide range of adult costumes that will help you put together a memorable outfit for your next fancy dress party or Halloween.

When would you wear an adult costume?

Adult costumes are worn at Halloween and any event or party that asks you to dress up. Halloween is big business in North America and Australia is beginning to follow suit by holding parties and trick-or-treating on October 31 each year. Although door knocking for lollies is reserved for kids, adults can dress-up in a costume to scare the children when they come asking for treats. This is a trend that is decades old in the USA and Canada and a great score of fun for all involved. Adults wear costumes at sporting events, fun-runs and fundraisers to take their involvement to the next level (and maybe get their photo in the newspaper). If you've never worn a costume or gone to a fancy dress party, make it one of this year's bucket list entries. It's lots of fun.

Which adult costume is best for a Halloween party?

Halloween comes from the Celtic region of Britain when the end of summer (Northern Hemisphere) was a time to scare away ghosts and evil spirits. The tradition really took off when the Irish continued this practise in America in the 1800s. This is why many Halloween costumes are of spooky and evil characters. Ghosts, goblins, witches, reapers, zombies, evil clowns and vampires are all classic Halloween costumes for adults and children but that doesn't mean you can't dress up as a fairy princess, nurse or airforce pilot.

Which adult costume should I wear to a fancy dress party?

Many fancy dress parties are often themed for a certain colour, style or character so it's best to confirm the host's wishes before buying an adult costume. If there is no theme, you are free to choose whichever adult costume that appeals to you. At Spotlight, we have so many fancy dress costumes to pick from, it may be a hard choice. Focus on which eras, styles, colours and characters you like and go from there.

How many different adult costumes does Spotlight stock?

Spotlight loves colour and fun, that's why we stock a wide and varied range of adult costumes all year round. We have up to 80 (or more) adult costumes and accessories that will help you create the perfect outfit for Halloween or any fancy dress party or event. Our adult costumes includes:

  • Mad Hatter Costume
  • Prison Man Costume
  • Cat Suit Costume
  • Cheer Leader Lady Costume
  • Monk Man Costume
  • Disco Fever Costume
  • Hippie Man Costume and so many more.

When you need an adult costume, Spotlight's massive collection is sure to have the right choice for your next fancy dress or Halloween party.



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