General Purpose Fabrics

Creating a piece for your niece, or just wrapping your favourite pillow? Shop Spotlight's general purpose furnishing fabrics online or in-store today!

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Can I purchase general purpose fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, our general purpose fabrics are suitable for a variety of uses around the home, as well as for many craft projects, such as bags, toys, decorative objects and more. They are generally medium-weight fabrics, as well as specific fabrics such as hessian and denim.

What can hessian fabric be used for?

Hessian fabric (called Burlap in some parts of the world) is a strong, woven fabric made from the skin of the Jute plant or from Sisal fibres. In times past, it was mainly used for storage (think of Coffee Bean bags, Potato sacks etc), but modern day hessian fabrics are used for a variety of projects including table runners, notice or pin boards, cushions, bags, decorative objects and even wedding chair sashes! Choose from plain hessian fabrics, some natural and some in different colours, as well as with a variety of patterns overlaid on the fabric.

What about denim fabrics?

Denim, or jeans fabric, is another strong, natural fabric, which can be used for making clothes, toys, decorative items and more. It is available as cotton, cotton twill, and chambray types fabrics all with the familiar blue colour, and lends itself well to a variety of uses as well as being mixed and matched with other cotton fabrics.

What else is included in the general purpose fabrics range?

Other fabrics listed in this range include broadcloth, soft haircloth, and fabric sheeting, for a variety of domestic and craft projects, as well as a number of printed cotton at great prices. Get creative with our general purpose fabrics. You could wrap birthday presents in it, and finish them off with some pretty ribbon. You can make no end of decorative items such as lamp shades, cushions, wall hangings and more, and they are also great for kids toys.

How do I care for my general purpose fabric?

As the range includes so many different types of fabric, there is no simple answer to that. Please check individual product descriptions to see if your fabric can be washed by hand or in the machine, requires dry-cleaning or can only be wiped with a damp cloth and if in doubt, ask our staff for advice.



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