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Shop Quality Piping Bags & Piping Tips To Make Your Dream Cake

Create gorgeous designs and a professional finish on desserts using a piping bag and specialised piping nozzles for your icing. Piping bags can be used for icing the top of cakes, creating filling in dessert layers and filling pastries. The creations opportunities are enless with a quality piping bag set!

What Piping Bags Do I Need? Reusable vs Disposable Piping Bags:

There are two kinds of piping bags you can buy, disposable and reusable.

  • Disposable piping bags are designed to be binned after one use, so don't stress about keeping them clean. To check if your bag is reusable, look for words like 'featherweight' on the packaging. They are usually made from polyester and are a great alternative to disposable piping bags.
  • Disposable piping bags are convenient and effective for decorating your cakes, cupcakes and desserts. They are especially easy to use if you want to pre-prepare your forsitng and store it in large quantities.

What Are the Different Types of Piping Nozzles?

You will want to have a few different nozzles for piping bags on hand for different effects.

  • A round tip is a good basic starter, handy for writing and making simple round swirls.
  • A star tip will make more detailed swirls with layers, and you can also angle it to make shell-like shapes as well.
  • A petal tip will help make flower petals as well as ruffles and frills, which look great as a border on your cake.

You can find piping bags and nozzles of all sizes and shapes at Spotlight, as well as packs of piping bags with tips included.

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How Do I Use a Piping Bag?

Using a piping bag is easy once you know what you're doing! Follow these steps if you're using a piping bag and tip for the first time:

  1. Open the piping bag and use a pair of scissors to cut off around 1cm from the bottom corner - this is where your icing will come out.
  2. Choose your nozzle and insert it through the bag and align it so the top is poking out of the hole you made.
  3. To add your icing, fold the top of the bag over your hand until your hand is completely covered. Spoon in the icing mixture until it is about halfway full, then twist the bag until the icing is sealed inside.
  4. Position the nozzle over your dessert and squeeze the bag to start piping! Once you are done, remove the nozzle and wish it, then throw the bag away.

If you are using a reusable bag, turn it inside out and hand wash it, then allow it to dry completely before putting it away or using it again.

Find Great Value Pipin Bags & Tips At Spotlight

Become a cake decorating master using piping bags and piping tips for your icing! For even more baking tools check out our baking and chocolate-making page online. Once you have made your online purchase, you can choose from click and collect or home delivery for your order.

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