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Can I buy kids costumes at Spotlight?

You sure can. Children of all ages love to wear kid's costumes and play make-belief. Kids are intrigued by fairytales and kids movies that feature their favourite character, so much so, they want to dress like them and pretend to be them. Kid's costumes are popular for everyday play, special events and themed birthday parties. Let the little ones dress as a pirate, princess, doctor, fairy, super hero, genie or nurse and their imagination will run wild. At Spotlight, we have a big collection of kid's costumes that will suit any kids' party or play date.

What is a kid's costume?

A kids costume is a form of dress that allows young children to imagine they are someone else for a day or period of time. Kid's costumes encourage imagination and creativity by transporting kids' minds to a make belief land or their favourite fairytale. Having several kids costumes in the toy box will persuade kids to discover new ways to connect, engage and play with siblings, friends, parents, care workers, babysitters and their inner self.

When do kids wear costumes?

Birthday parties are a popular time for kid's costumes to be worn. Parents can set a theme for the party and ask guests to dress up as a character at the party. Popular kids party themes are: princes and princesses, comic book superheroes, fairies and wizards, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Alice in Wonderland and Star Wars. Halloween is another time when kid's costumes are worn for trick-or-treating and parties. Halloween is traditionally a scary holiday and many kids like to wear costumes to spook. Think witches, warlocks, vampires, ghosts and goblins for October 31 each year. Some young children love to wear kid's costumes for everyday clothing. Let them feed and nurture their imaginations this way, it can be a lot fun.

Why do kids like to dress-up in kids costumes?

Children are curious creatures who are constantly growing and learning. They have active imaginations and love wearing kids costumes as a way to pretend, play and create fun. Dressing up has long been a play tool used by adults to interact and connect with children. Early learning centres, schools and television program presenters often have a trunk full of adult and kids costumes for dress-up and make-belief play times. Spotlight has a grand selection of kid's costumes that will inspire kids to play in a way that is creative, fun and educational.



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