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A stunning selection of dinner plates & bowls to make your kitchen & dining experience better than ever! Explore Spotlight's range online or in-store.

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Can I purchase plates and bowls from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have a wide selection of plates and bowls that are sure to meet your dining needs. Whether you are looking for funky serving bowls that will brighten up any room or everyday tableware for serving those all-important family meals. To purchase the perfect plate or bowl for you, simply click on the item above and follow the instructions onscreen.

What is included in this range?

This collection features lots of different loose bowls or plates which are perfect for smaller households, to replace your existing dinnerware. Perhaps you are looking to supplement your current collection to ensure that you always have a plate available if a friend decides to call by for dinner. Buying loose plates is also so much better for students, and if you are shopping for new plates or bowls to take to university, we would definitely recommend buying loose.

Not only does this mean that you can choose a bright and funky design so that you know whose plate is who, but having the minimum number of plates means significantly less washing up later down the line. If your current dinner set is an elegant white and you have a new addition to the family, or need a replace a broken item, then you have lots to choose from that would match your existing set perfectly. There are so many different types of bowls and plates at Spotlight, and they are all available now at such fantastically low prices!

Which of these plates and bowls would be the right choice for me?

Well, that is a matter of personal preference really! If you are looking to create your own dinner set, then the Casa Domani collection would be a great place to start. In a simple elegant white, these porcelain plates are traditionally fabulous and would look great for any event. If you are looking for something bright and funky, the Jab Sorbet Bowl and Plate comes in a rainbow of vivid colours, or perhaps something with just a touch of the rainbow, such as the Kitch & Co range with coloured edging.

Cooper & Co have a huge range of vibrantly patterned delights that will show off your personality and add a touch of uniqueness to your table set up. We also have a selection of items that are purposely made to be made microwave safe, ideal for heating food up when you are on the go. Whether you are looking for plates to serve tapas or bowls to serve meze, your next dinner party guests are guaranteed to be impressed with your fancy serving ware.

Do you have any tips for caring for my new plates and bowls?

We would like to remind customers to always check the individual care instructions by each product for further information. Most of our plates are dishwasher safe, and always ensure that there is nothing loose in your machine that could result in scratching. If you prefer to hand wash your new plates, use a mild dish soap and water solution and a sponge or cloth. Always ensure that your new bowl or plate is rinsed well and dried thoroughly before storing.



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