The Best Kitchen Appliances To Buy For Your Home

Best Kitchen Appliances To Buy For Your Home

Cooking is easier than ever, thanks to the abundance of online and physical resources we have at our disposal. But when watching professional cooks and chefs in their kitchens you may notice they have many modern, high-tech kitchen appliances at their disposal - there seems to be a tool for everything!

Luckily for you, you can make plenty of delicious, filling meals using a select few of the right appliances. And to help you choose, we've created this kitchen appliances buying guide to go through all the most popular kitchen appliances you'll find at Spotlight! So, it's time to dive into the best kitchen appliances around - and don't worry, we'll touch on how to clean and how to store kitchen appliances as well.

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Convenient and Mess-Free Food Processors

A food processor is one of the most versatile electrical appliances you can own, and its multiple functions make them great value for money. Not only does it save you time when compared with manually grating, slicing or chopping ingredients but, if you're limited for space, a versatile food processor can do the job of many appliances in one.

The price range and functions of a food processor vary widely depending on the individual unit and brand. However, some research on the range of a food processor's abilities (shredding, grating, slicing, mincing) and other elements (quality/longevity of blades, ease of replacement, after-sales service and warranty options) can help in deciding on the food processor that is economical for you.

Food processors are generally easy to clean, with the blades and bowl/cup simple to handwash. While some brands may be dishwasher safe, the blades can be delicate and prone to breaking or scratching if washed recklessly.

Food processors tend to be fairly large, so will need a fair amount of drawer or shelf space to be stored away. Their versatility means that they're a good candidate for a prized space on your benchtop, if you have the space!

Easy to Use Hand Mixers

You might have a small kitchen or you mainly just cook for yourself, which means a food processor may not offer you great value due to its large size. In this case, one of the best small kitchen appliances for you will be a hand mixer (or stick mixer), for its versatility coupled with cost-effectiveness.

A hand mixer still lets you grind, mix or blend food, but at less family size or 'industrial' levels. It's also portable and relatively inexpensive compared to the bigger blender, juicers or food processors. They are also quick and easy to wash in the sink - but remember not to immerse the base in water!

Their small space means hand mixers slot easily into your kitchen drawers, making them easy to store even in the smallest of kitchens.

Must Have Coffee Makers

Many of us view a good cup of coffee or tea as an essential part of our morning routine but, sometimes, instant coffee just isn't going to cut the mustard. And, let's face it - huge cafe-style coffee machines can be hard to use, not to mention their monstrous price!

If you fit in the coffee drinker category, a good coffee maker is definitely an appliance that needs to be ticked off your kitchen essentials list. A coffee plunger or a traditional, Italian-style espresso maker are both affordable and space-saving devices, depending on the kind of coffee that floats your boat. Try sampling both styles and then take your pick, or get both. And for tea lovers, a coffee plunger can also double as a tea leaf plunger in a pinch!

Coffee plungers are easy to wash - simply disassemble, hand wash and air dry. If you need your cuppa every morning, coffee plungers are easy to keep on your counter or benchtop - otherwise, they can often be stored in the same place as your coffee mugs.

Blenders That Make Food Prep a Breeze

Distinct from a stick or hand mixer, a blender is a handy kitchen appliance, especially when it comes to whipping up something quickly, like a delicious and healthy smoothie. A blender can also help in making pastes, soups, sauces or grinding spices in next to no time, and with minimal effort - perfect for the time-poor or space-constrained cook in your life. They can even help combine dough for pastries!

Blenders can be tricky to clean due to their size, but they must be hand washed to keep their mixing blades intact. Their large size can make keeping them in drawers tricky, so look for a shelf to store them on instead.

Electric Kettles For the Perfect Cup of Tea

While it might seem like an obvious inclusion, some people tend to overlook the humble electric kettle when it comes to their kitchen appliance lists. Not only does a kettle help with your coffee and tea requirements but it also comes to the rescue when a recipe needs boiling water, or you're pressed for time or cooktop space.

There are some expensive high-tech kettle options available but there are also many affordable and funky style designs to coordinate with whatever kind of aesthetic or ambience you're hoping to create in your kitchen.

Electric kettles cannot be immersed in water - clean the outside with a damp sponge, and the inside with boiling water combined with lemon slices or vinegar.

When choosing where to place your kettle, keep in the mind the steam produced when the kettle boils - have your kettle near a window or exhaust fan to give the steam somewhere to go, instead of dampening your ceiling.

Toasters For Easy Breakfast

Toasters For Easy Breakfasts

What's a kitchen without a toaster? Like kettles, there are many different styles and prices to choose from. Whether you're just toasting for yourself or for the whole family, finding the right toaster is one of the less time-consuming decisions you need to make when getting your kitchen established.

You should never immerse your toaster in water - if it needs to be cleaned, wipe down the outside with a damp sponge and turn the toaster upside down to empty out any crumbs from the inside. Some toasters also have a crumb tray you can pull out, which can be washed in water if needed, but make sure it is totally dry before inserting back into the toaster. If you need to clean anything inside the toaster, unplug it before using a damp toothbrush to dislodge any stubborn scraps.

Toasters can be placed anywhere you have a power point, and are a solid choice for a permanent spot on your kitchen counter.


Rice Cookers That Take Out the Hassle

In the vast majority of eating plans, rice is the basis of a number of healthy and tasty dishes. As a nutritious and lucrative staple, its versatility and range (basmati, long-grain, wholemeal, jasmine, arborio and so on) can't be ignored. Conversely, cooking rice properly can sometimes be a time-consuming and attention-draining task. But there's a solution to that problem!

Introducing a rice cooker into your culinary arsenal ensures the preparation of rice to perfection, quickly and easily, and with minimal mess, which makes it a must-have kitchen appliance for tightly-packed schedules.

The inner bowl of a rice cooker must be hand washed in your sink, but otherwise they shouldn't require any more than a quick wipe down of the outer shell.

The only downside to a rice cooker is that they are quite large - they can take up quite a bit of space on your bench or in a drawer. A shelf in your pantry or under your countertop is the best place to store your rice cooker.


Slow Cookers For Delicious Warm Meals

On the same note as a rice cooker, adding a slow cooker to your essential kitchen appliances repertoire is an excellent move.

Slow cooking is a fantastic way to prepare simple, hearty and nourishing casseroles and soups in a single pot, keeping mess to a minimum and not cluttering up your kitchen benches or storage options. As the name suggests, the slower cooking method allows the flavours of individual ingredients to blend together much more effectively for a brilliant end result across longer cooking times.

Let your slow cooker do its job over the course of a day so you arrive home to some mouthwatering aromas and a meal that's good to go! The bowl of a slow cooker must be hand washed to preserve the non-stick coating, while the outside can be wiped down if there are any spills or splashes.

When figuring out how to arrange appliances in a small kitchen, slow cookers can be one of the most difficult to place. Their large size makes them quite cumbersome to store - they can also be heavy, so be careful when storing them somewhere that requires you to pick them up or lift them down from anywhere.


Air Fryers & Mini Ovens That Revolutionise Cooking

If you are craving perfectly cooked, crispy food but don't want to fire up your whole oven, an air fryer or mini oven is the perfect appliance to get the job done.

Taking up much less space, using less power and exuding less heat, air fryers and mini ovens are ideal for cooking small batches of food quickly, like chips, pastries, veggies and party snacks - although many recipes have been developed that allow you to cook full meals, like a roast chicken, in your air fryer!

These appliances work much like a traditional oven, with settings for temperature and time available. They are also easier to clean - the small size of their racks and trays means they can easily be immersed in your sink, unlike the large trays and racks found in a standard oven.

Due to their versatility you may like to keep this appliance on your countertop, but when storing away their decent height often means they will need a large shelf space to sit on, rather than fitting in your kitchen drawers.


Microwaves For The Ultimate Convenience

Everyone's favourite appliance for heating up food quickly, microwaves are a staple kitchen accessory and one of the best kitchen appliances you can have.

Microwaves can be used for heating up leftovers, steaming fruit and veg, cooking rice and even for baking - mug cakes anyone? Microwaves can be set to heat at a certain level for set periods of time, making them easy to set and forget about. But certain materials, like metal, must never be placed inside the microwave.

Many kitchens will contain a dedicated alcove for your microwave - otherwise, a prime spot on your bench is ideal for this handy kitchen appliance.

Wipe out your microwave after every few uses (or if something has splattered inside) to keep it clean and smelling fresh. If your microwave contains a rotating glass disc, this can be removed and hand washed if needed.


Electric Grills For the Tasty BBQ Flavour

Love the taste of grilled food but don't want the hassle of firing up the BBQ? An electric grill is the best kitchen appliance for you!

Electric grills feature ridged or flat non-stick plates that can be used to grill steaks to perfection, create delicious toasties or even grill fruit and veg for that delicious char flavour. The smell of your food grilling indoors is sure to set mouths watering!

Electric grills are flat and compact, making them easy to slide into a drawer or place on a shelf. While they cannot be immersed into water whole, the plates can be wiped down and sometimes removed for safe washing in the sink if needed. Make sure not to use steel wool or harsh scrubbing brushes, otherwise the non-stick coating on the plates will be damaged.

Find The Right Kitchen Appliances

How To Dispose Of Kitchen Appliances

When deciding how to dispose of kitchen appliances, there are two things you need to consider - is it still working, and can you recycle them locally?

If your appliance still works well but you want to upgrade, consider giving it to family or friends, or selling the appliance online through a digital marketplace. Kitchen appliances at affordable prices are in high demand so you may be able to help out a family by selling your old, working appliances at a discounted price!

If your appliance no longer works, do not throw it in the rubbish bin. Check your council to find your local e-waste drop off point - this way the recyclable goods from your old appliance can be reused, and you can be sure the rest will be discarded sustainably.

Otherwise, organise a hard rubbish pick up from your home to have them picked up from your curb. Do not leave your appliances out on your curb until you know the hard rubbish collection is coming, as exposure to the elements could cause your appliances to damage the area around them or they may be disassembled and stripped for parts when you're not looking.

Find The Right Kitchen Appliances At Spotlight

Wondering where to buy kitchen appliances? Cook up a storm, make your favourite comfort food or just whip up a snack with the best kitchen appliances from Spotlight! Stop asking yourself 'what kitchen appliances do I need?' and browse the entire kitchen and dining range online, where you can safely pay your way and have your appliance delivered right to your front door Alternatively, visit your local Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the right appliance in person.

Round out your kitchen with the right cookware by using our cookware buying guide to choose the right tools for the job. And for fun event ideas where you can impress your guests with your new appliances, check out our celebrate blog!



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