How can I maximise my kitchen storage?

Most of us aren't blessed with huge showroom kitchens, so we have to take advantage of every available inch. Smart storage is essential for a highly functional kitchen that lets you get the job done while also being an appealing heart for your home.

Before you start planning your storage, you should think through how much space you'll need. Consider your kitchen inventory (crockery, cutlery, pots, pans and food items), including how many people live in your home and how often you use your kitchen.

Take a look at the following tips to help you get a handle on maximising your kitchen storage and keeping cooking chaos under control.


One the best ways to handle your kitchen clutter is to make your kitchen drawers work extra hard. Drawers often attract the stray objects in your kitchen but, with the right equipment, they can be a more space-efficient option than a standard kitchen cupboard.

Trays, dividers and organisers are your secret weapon. Cutlery trays will keep your knives, forks and spoons orderly and always ready to use. But drawers aren't just for cutlery. Dividers will section off your drawers into separate, workable areas where containers or trays can then house things like spices, pantry items and other bits and pieces that might get lost in the disorder of a messy drawer (ties, clips or rubber bands).

Tip: Draw your drawer (no pun intended) before you start filling it with your kitchen tools and utensils. Measure out where you want different things to live, as well as the various dividers and organisers you'll need to build it.

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Containers & Jars

Sealable containers are, quite simply, a storage lifesaver. They're perfect for organising meals in advance for refrigeration, pre-making lunches for the family, and keeping food fresh after it's been opened. Available in all manner of shapes and sizes, your sealable containers might also be designed to fit together neatly in the fridge, freezer or cupboard.

Cereal and pasta holders will keep those ingredients tucked away, while the transparency of the receptacles can also be an attractive statement. Other containers are tailor-made to store sauces and dips. If you like making your own jams, chutneys or preserves, storage jars are ideal for keeping your handiwork protected until you want to use them.

You can combine storage ideas and stack small containers side-by-side in a drawer to house cooking and baking ingredients that are most-used, such as seasonings or flours. These options can be extra helpful if you have a small pantry and minimal cupboard space.

Tip: Always store your most frequently used items at the front of the pantry, cupboard or drawer so you don't have to dig behind other items to access them.

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Countertop Storage

Not all your kitchen goodies have to be tucked away. Make functionality a feature by showing off stylish storage items on your kitchen countertop - the perfect way to keep everyday essentials close at hand while maximising your kitchen space.

Some items are too big to keep in drawers. These are ideal for utensil holders to strike a pose on your countertop and keep your larger cooking instruments ordered. For example:

  • Canisters for coffee, tea or sugar might be stowed near your kettle
  • Containers that share a pattern or colour scheme will help add cohesiveness and personality to your counters
  • Mug trees are a fun and attractive way to store frequently used mugs on the counter
  • Paper towel holders are a must to keep this important item out of the way but still handy at all times.

Another smart addition to your countertop is decorative trinket trays and containers for keeping your important knick-knacks together and within easy reach.

Lastly, don't forget your sink. Make it do double duty by putting dish racks and in-sink organisers to work. While they're not a permanent storage option, they're indispensable tidy helpers while you're cooking or cleaning. Double-decker sink racks and storage systems add even more capacity to a tight space.

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Shelving & Hanging

If you have spare wall space in your kitchen, consider introducing shelving as a clutter-buster. Open shelves let you move cookbooks, pantry items, dishes and even appliances out of the way, and offer another place to nest those themed jars and cannisters.

You can also try hanging storage. Affixing a rail and hooks to hang your favourite or popular pots, pans and cooking utensils is fantastic for putting under-utilised wall space to work, and can add a stylish or fashionable industrial touch to your overall kitchen look. Rails and hooks might be installed on splashbacks, near stoves and on walls - anywhere they look great, can easily be accessed and will be safe from the elements or smaller prying fingers.

The inside of your cupboard or cabinet doors is another effective place to fit small shelves, racks or baskets. And pegboards or magnetic boards can be placed on walls or the sides of cupboards to hang cooking or cleaning items or smaller containers, such as magnetic tins.

A great space-saving trick is to turn one shelf in your cupboard into two. How? By using shelf-risers or racks. A big, empty open cupboard or alcove is ripe for reimagining into multiple layers of vertical storage space.

All of these clever ideas and options are flexible so, if your needs change, you can easily adjust your storage set-up without having to embark on a major renovation or spend a lot of money. Unlock hidden space in your kitchen you never knew you had.

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