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Your Guide To Curtain Tracks

Looking to install a new curtain track, but not quite sure how to get started? No need to worry, as Spotlight has created the ultimate guide to curtain tracks below. Read on and discover everything from how to measure your window frame to selecting the right curtain track for your home.

How Do I Get Measurements For A New Curtain Track?

There are two methods you can use to get the correct measurements for your new curtain track. If you already have a curtain track in place and are looking to replace it with a new one, simply measure your existing track to get the right measurements.

Don't have a curtain track in place? Then the second method will be the one for you. To get the accurate measurements, measure the recess width of your window, this is the area from the left side of the window to the right. Then, determine your window recess on each side. Add the window recess width to the window recess of the sides to get the measurement.

When you take measurements for your new curtain track, it is always useful to use a metal tape measure, this is especially the case if you are measuring larger windows. Also, be sure to check your bracket depth before you order your curtain track.

Did you order a curtain track that is slightly too big for your needs? No worries, as this can be altered quickly at home. Simply mark the accurate measurement on your track and remove the excess with a hacksaw.

What Types Of Curtain Tracks Can I Obtain?

Selecting your new curtain track takes some consideration. Firstly, the track must be suitable to carry the weight of your curtain without bending, this can have an influence on the width as well as the material itself. For example, metal curtain tracks can handle a considerable amount of weight compared to plastic curtain tracks. You must also consider the construction of the track. Does it contain several parts or is it one solid piece?

When Do I Use A Metal Curtain Track?

A metal curtain track is the perfect choice when you need additional strength. They come in materials such as coated steel and aluminium, making them the most durable and strongest options out there. There is one downside though, as not all metal curtain tracks can be cut with a hacksaw. So, if you wish to finetune your curtain track after ordering, make sure to check the product info first.

When Do I Use A Plastic Curtain Track?

Most plastic curtain tracks are made from durable PVC material. The benefit of plastic is that they are more flexible than metal curtain tracks, this could prove beneficial for the drape of sheer curtains and the like. Because of their flexibility, plastic curtain tracks are often recommended for bay windows.

When Should I Use An Uncorded Curtain Track?

Some curtain tracks are easier to install than others. Uncorded curtain tracks are counted among some of the easiest. As the name suggests, this kind of curtain track does not demand a cord. Because of the lack of cord, they are also easy to trim.

Uncorded curtain tracks are available in various materials, this includes metal and plastic. So, whether you require strength or flexibility, you can choose any material for your uncorded curtain track.

When Should I Use A Corded Curtain Track?

Corded curtains can be easier to use than uncorded curtains, but they are harder to install. If you have never installed a corded curtain track before and need a track that measures more than 350 centimetres in length, it may be best to ask your store for advice. In some cases, you may need a professional to install a corded system.

Why Should I Choose Spotlight For My Curtain Track Needs?

Spotlight provides a wide range of curtain tracks in a variety of materials and designs. We also provide you with the best prices for curtain tracks, so if you want quality and save money at the same time, you are in the right place. Check out our collection of curtain tracks today and take full advantage of our discounted prices.



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