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Can I buy Pinch Pleat Curtains at Spotlight?

Pinch pleat is a decorative heading for curtains and valances, suitable for all types of curtain tracks and curtain poles. Pinch pleats are more gathered than other headings and have permanent sewn-in pleats for a more luxurious, tailored look. Pinch pleat or triple pleat curtains have a classic formal finish, making them ideal for living rooms or dining rooms. With a neatly tailored look, pinch pleat curtains stack back very neatly and in a relatively small space, making them the perfect choice for doors or windows with little wall space either side for curtains to hang.

How do I measure up for pinch pleat curtains?

Pinch pleat curtains are sewn in, which means you are not able to alter the width of these curtains. To get the right size pinch pleat curtains for your window, you will need to measure the overall length of the track or curtain pole you are using and ensure that your pinch pleat curtains cover this width, otherwise they will not be able to meet in the middle. If your window size falls between two widths of curtain, you will need to buy the next size up to get complete window coverage.

What styles of pinch pleat curtain can I find at Spotlight?

At Spotlight, we stock a range of different pinch pleat curtains. Choose from plain, floral, patterned and traditional striped pinch pleat curtains, available in different colours, lengths, and widths. With so many different styles to choose from, you can find curtains for every style of interior design here.

I see you list invert pinch pleat curtains too?

Yes, our Filigree Westbury curtains feature an inverted pinch pleat, this means that the pleats are hidden at the back of the curtain, which results in a very sleek, boxed appearance at the front of the curtain, suitable for a more formal window dressing style. These curtains are available in a number of different, neutral shades, making them a perfect choice for a sitting room, dining room, study or home office.

How do I put up my pinch pleat curtains?

Pinch pleat curtains are usually fixed to a curtain track or pole with special, large, 2-pronged pinch pleat hooks that slide into the sewn pleat and then hook onto the track or pole. Find them in the curtain accessories range at Spotlight.

How do I care for my pinch pleat curtains?

Always check the sewn in laundry label for the best way to look after your curtains. Some pinch pleat curtains may have to be dry-cleaned, while others may be able to be either hand washed or machine washed. In all cases, make sure that the pinch pleat hooks are removed from the curtain before cleaning, as they will damage the curtains and any machine used during the cleaning process. Many curtains are best line dried or hung back up at the window while still damp. If you need to iron your curtains again, check the label to see if this is possible first. Also, always iron on the reverse to avoid marking the front of the curtains.



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