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Shop the Biggest and Best Range of Ready Made Curtains at Spotlight

When it comes to ready to hang curtains of all kinds, Spotlight is the place to start and finish. it's no surprise that Spotlight has a large range of window treatment options and window coverings that can help give any room of your house a makeover at a low price. Ready made curtains can make a big difference to any house, whether it's to give you the privacy you want in your home office, the style you desire in your living room or the elegance you're after in your bedroom. Spotlight's large range can turn any drab window into a beautiful attraction.

What Kinds of Ready Made Curtains are Available?

Spotlight's ready made curtains are a convenient option if you don't have the time to design and create them yourself, and don't want to pay for a professional decorator to create custom made curtains for you. Spotlight has a large range ready for you to buy and install today. This includes:

We have a range of colours and designs ready to go, making it easy to match floor lamps, table lamps, bed linen, bathroom accessories or anything else that helps you reach the style you are after. Spotlight also has a large range of popular rod pocket and tab top curtains which are easy to install and come in many different colours and patterns.

Find Ready to Hang Curtains From Leading Brands

Whether you're buying blockout eyelet curtains or sheer curtains, Spotlight is the home of quality brands. We proudly stock a large range of ready made curtains from brands such as KOO, Gummerson and Caprice, giving you the advantage of knowing you are buying something that is affordable and that you can trust.

Made to Measure vs Ready Made Curtains - What is the Difference?

Made to Measure curtains is a fully comprehensive service that includes in-home measure, design, custom sizing and installation, whereas Ready Made Curtains are simply off-the-shelf curtains you can purchase without service or installation.

What are the Things to Consider When Choosing Ready Made Curtains?

The three things you should consider are header type, curtain lining and fabric, and measurements. Read more about each section below.

Curtains Header Type:

One of the first things to look at is the header, whatever type of curtains you choose. Whether you prefer blackout curtains, voile sheer fabric or tie-backs, curtains can come with different types of headers. The header that will suit you best must match either a curtain track, hangers, rail, or your curtain rod.

  • Pencil pleat curtains are some of the most popular, and it is easy to see why. You can spot them easily, as they are the ones that have folds close to each other, creating what looks like a row of pencils. Their popularity means Spotlight has a large range and a lot of brands available. That means prices are affordable and finding the right one for your home is easy.
  • Another popular option is the double or triple pinch pleat curtain. While pencil pleats have folds that are close together, pinch pleats are spaced further apart and have their pleats permanently sewn in. They are usually hand-sewn as well, which can add to their price and their quality.
  • If you're after a more modern type of ready made curtain, then an eyelet curtain can be the best fit for you and your home. Eyelet curtains connect to a curtain rod with large rings, making them easy to put up and to bring down to clean. If you have a curtain track in your room, then an eyelet curtain is probably not a good fit, but the two options above may be the place to start looking.

Consider Your Curtain Lining:

Another thing to consider when you select ready made curtains is the lining. Curtains that contain additional lining such as blockout can help keep your home warm. They can also keep out the light, which can come in handy in rooms such as bedrooms during the day. There are a few types of curtain lining to think about, such as standard lining, blackout lining, polycotton lining, and thermal lining. Polycotton curtain lining is usually the most affordable and has much of the same properties as standard lining. However, if you are looking to keep the heat in and the sun out, blockout lining or thermal curtain lining are the better options.

You can also look at using two different kinds of ready made curtains at once. If you have a sheer curtain behind a heavier blockout, you can keep the light out and the heat in when you want it, but let the sheer curtain act as a light diffuser during the warmer months to let the sun in.

Ensure the Best Fit By Carefully Measuring Your Windows

The most important step in buying curtains is the home measure. Our comprehensive How to Measure Your Curtains guide has everything you need. Accurate measurements can make or break a purchase, and will stop you from having to go back and forward to Spotlight until you get the right fit. Surprisingly, a lot of homeowners can struggle with getting the right measurements, or measuring the right parts.

  • When you start measuring, you should always have a curtain rod or a track already in place. Ideally, your curtain rod or track should be at least 15 centimetres above the window. Not only is that for practical reasons, but it makes your curtains look great when you install them. It's also a good idea to extend the curtain rod or tracks about 15 cm either side of the window if possible, making sure the end spacing is even.
  • To measure the width of your new curtains, measure your curtain track or your curtain rod, - the entire length without the finials. You should always use this method and not measure wall to wall, unless you have a window that stretches the whole way.
  • Once you have measured the width of your curtains, it is time to work out the length. Naturally, the length of your curtains can be down to preference, so before you do the measuring, make the decision about where you want your curtain to fall.
  • For curtains the same length of the window sill, always measure about 1.25 cm above your window sill for the best fit. If you want your curtains to fall underneath the sill, add at least 15 cm from the bottom of your window sill. If you want them floor length, always stop measuring 1.5 cm from the floor. Don't forget if it all feels too overwhelming, contact our team for a free measure and quote.

Have you finished your measurements and decided which curtain you are going for? Why not take advantage of the amazing range of curtains available at Spotlight? Grab one of our ready made curtains and benefit from an amazing design for a low price.

Find Amazing Ready to Hang Curtains at Low Prices and Find Everything You Need To Refresh Your Home at Spotlight

Need something else while you're shopping for the perfect curtains? Our exciting range of bed linen, home decor and kitchen essentials will have you covered. With a high-quality range for every room of the home, we're helping turn houses into homes, right across Australia. For more information on curtains check out our helpful guides including How to Hang Curtains, Curtain Care and Maintenance, Curtain Rods vs Curtain Tracks and the Best Curtain Types For Different Rooms. Order your curtains to enjoy the convenience of home delivery or visit your nearest Spotlight store to explore the range and get expert advice from our team!



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