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Buying Curtain Accessories? Use Our Handy Guide To Discover Tiebacks And Holdbacks

Getting some accessories for your curtains can be a straightforward task, unless you do not know what you need. Nowadays, there are a bunch of different accessories with unique functions. Not only do these make your curtains look better, they can make them more functional too. Of course, you must be familiar with these accessories before you can obtain them. So, without further ado, here is our useful guide to tiebacks and holdbacks.

What Is The Difference Between Tieback And Holdbacks?

Two accessories you will come across often are tiebacks and holdbacks. While they perform a similar function, there is a difference that customers should be aware of, more specifically the manner in which the curtain is held into place.

A holdback is an accessory that will "hold" the curtain back, while the tieback will "tie" the curtain into place. Because of the unique fastening manner, tiebacks and holdbacks can have a variable construction and can be made from different materials.

Most tiebacks are made from softer and more flexible materials. That being said, this does not mean that they are less durable, as options such as ropes and braided cords are often encountered. Tiebacks also include the so-called ring, this is mounted to the wall and used to hook your tieback on.

What Are The Different Types Of Tiebacks?

Even though tiebacks are not recommended for eyelet curtains, they are a popular choice for all other curtains out there. Because of their popularity, you can find tiebacks in many types. Below, we have described the most prominent options out there.

One popular option is the braided curtain tieback. It is one of the strongest options out there, which makes it most suitable for those heavier curtains. Because of the fact they need to be durable, you will often find these tiebacks in the form of a large single braid or several large braids.

Another popular option you have probably noticed in someone's house is the cord tassel tieback. Consisting of a rope and a tassel on the end, this option provides a vintage yet elegant look. Like the previous option, it is also a durable tieback for heavier curtains.

Homeowners who like a more modern look often go for the matching fabric tieback, this is a tieback made from the same fabric as your curtains. In most cases, a tieback such as this is delivered with your curtains. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to obtain a tieback to match your existing curtains. If you cannot find a premade one and you are a little handy, be sure to take a look at our range of fabrics to make your own.

What Are The Different Types Of Holdbacks?

Contrary to tiebacks, holdbacks are made from inflexible materials. Therefore, most holdbacks will be made from some sort of metal. So, while there are different types of tiebacks, most holdbacks are the same. However, they can come in various designs.

How Do I Choose Between Tiebacks And Holdbacks?

There are some things you can consider, which will make choosing between tiebacks and holdbacks a little easier. Firstly, ask yourself how often you will open and close your curtains. Also think about the weight of your curtains and the size of tieback/holdback you will require.

Please note that almost all curtains can be used with either a tieback or a holdback. However, we do need to mention that eyelet curtains are the only ones who you should not use them with. Eyelet curtains are easy to open and close while remaining in a desirable position, which makes the use of tiebacks and holdbacks obsolete.

Can I Get Tiebacks And Holdbacks From Spotlight?

Spotlight provides a range of tiebacks, holdbacks, and the accessories you need. For example, our range does not only include fabric tiebacks, we also provide the brackets and hooks you need for the wall.

At Spotlight, customers can find their curtains and accessories for the best prices. If you want to give your curtains a big makeover, why not take full advantage of our discounted prices? Check out the catalogue today and uncover our range of curtains, accessories, and other home decor products.



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