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The Various Types Of Cardboard You Can Use In Crafting

For the average person, there is nothing special about a piece of cardboard. As a crafter however, cardboard can become one of your most valuable items in the hobby room. There are also various types of cardboard used in crafting today, so let us take a closer look at cardboard you can obtain for your projects and their respective benefits.

What Is Corrugated Fibreboard?

One of the most common types of cardboard you can encounter is so-called corrugated fibreboard. This type of cardboard is often used to ship packages around the world, but it also has numerous applications for crafting.

Corrugated fibreboard consists of three layers. The two outer layers of the material are smooth, while the layer in the middle is wavier, giving the cardboard its unique structure when it is cut.

There are various benefits to choose corrugated fibreboard in crafting. The material cuts easily and can be bend if required, so you can use this cardboard for construction-related projects.

When you use corrugated fibreboard, keep in mind that this cardboard can come in a thicker version as well. This is often referred to as five-ply corrugated cardboard. The latter is a little bit more difficult to cut and to bend, so if you are looking for the sturdier option, this will be the recommended cardboard for you.

What Is Paperboard?

If you want the easiest type of cardboard to cut, it is time to look at paperboard. As the name already suggests, paperboard is one of the thinnest types of cardboard out there. This also means it is incredibly easy to cut and to bend.

While paperboard is easy to cut and bend, it is not as strong as corrugated fibreboard. As a result, this kind of cardboard is less suitable for construction projects that require cardboard, but more suitable for smaller and more delicate cardboard creations.

Paperboard is also a popular option for children's projects. Since paperboard is much easier to bend, small hands will have less trouble bending this material. It is often used by schools for art projects, but also has many applications for crafting projects at home.

While the name paperboard might not mean much to you right now, you are guaranteed to encounter this product on a daily basis. In fact, paperboard is used for toilet rolls, cereal boxes and even paper towel rolls. So, it is likely you have this type of cardboard in your home already.

What Is A Mat Board?

A mat board is one of the strongest and densest types of cardboard. It consists of multiple layers but is less bendable compared to corrugated carboard.

Even though mat board is less bendable compared to other types of cardboard, it has a remarkable number of applications nonetheless. As the material is extremely strong, it is best for those projects that require some extra strength.

Another big benefit of mat board is that the material takes paint a lot better than some of the other cardboards out there. If you want a professional finish, you will still require a suitable primer. Nevertheless, mat board will not disappoint for a variety of applications and is a staple in most hobby rooms.

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