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Spotlight's home decor collection features beautiful wall art that will enhance any room in your home! Shop wall art prints, frames and more online.

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Where can I buy wall art online?

Spotlight offers huge selection of wall art that will let easily you add a ton of character to any space. Whether you own your home or are renting, you can easily hang or put up these wall art products with just a minimal amount of tools and supplies. If you have plain looking walls, wall art is a great alternative to using paint and wallpaper to make it more stylish and finished.

What different types of wall art can I find at Spotlight?

When you browse our wall art range, you'll find a wide variety of wall decorations ranging from tasteful canvas prints, vinyl wall stickers, metal wall art, wall hanging tassels, large stylish letters with inspirational words, letter boards, chalkboards to functional and rustic wall hooks.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are an affordable alternative to traditional paintings which have long been used to decorate walls. Our canvas prints come in a range of designs to suit different tastes, as well as different sizes. You can choose from high quality prints of breath-taking landscapes, pop art, abstract paintings, and even cartoon characters and superheroes that are ideal for children's bedrooms. Our canvas prints are typically mounted on wood stretchers and are ready to hang out of the box.

Framed Prints

Framed prints are similar to canvas prints, but come already mounted on an elegant frame for a more traditional look. We feature different art styles with our framed prints which range from artistic patterns, abstract paintings, mixed media artworks to inspirational quotes set on top of mood setting backgrounds.

Wall Stickers

Vinyl wall stickers are an extremely cost effective and easy way of changing the look of your entire wall. These have photo-realistic images of traditional wall materials like brick, wood, concrete and marble, which can be used to give your walls a quick makeover. Our vinyl wall stickers also come with a self-adhesive backing that allow you to quickly cover up your entire wall, and can be easily removed without leaving any residue. We also have more colourful and light hearted designs available with prints of polka dots and jelly beans.

Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art are more like sculptures that you hang on your wall. Compared to prints and wall stickers, its visual appeal depends largely on the shape and form of the metal itself. You can choose from different styles of metal wall art which range from intricate wireframe designs to laser cut pieces of metal. Metal also has a clean and crisp look, which are great match for modern and contemporary interior designs.

Paper and Cardboard Wall Art

If you're looking for wall art that you can build and personalise, we have paper and cardboard craft projects that are designed to be displayed on your walls once completed. We have wood cut-outs that you can paint and decorate with whatever catches your fancy, as well as 3-D cardboard art projects.

Decorative Letters, Letter Boards and Chalkboards

Large decorative letters are often used to spell out inspirational words and make for great accent pieces. They can be hung on walls or placed on top of shelves to help give a space a bit more character. We also have letter boards and chalkboards where you can spell out or write down messages and quotes in a more stylish and eye catching manner.

Dreamcatchers and Wall Hanging Tassels

Dreamcatchers and wall hanging tassels pack a lot of charm and character in a relatively small package. Compared to the other types of wall art we offer, these pieces have a lot of texture which makes them very eye catching and even mesmerising. They also add a lot of bohemian chic to any space with their mystical roots and allure.

What other wall decorations can I find at Spotlight?

Aside from our extensive range of wall art, we also have wall decorations that are also functional such as wall mirrors, wall clocks, wall hooks and photo frames. Check out the Home section of our online store to find out more about these different wall decorations.



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