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Learn How To Use And Style Your Coverlets

Coverlets are popular bed linen, used to add a decorative accent to your bedding. That being said, coverlets are also used for functional reasons, so it is not uncommon for customers to get a little confused about coverlets and how to use them in their bedroom. If you could use more information about your purchased coverlet set, be sure to read the tips from our team below.

What Is A Coverlet?

The coverlet is a lightweight bedspread, which is usually made from a quilted or a woven material. Its original purpose was decorative in nature, as the coverlet was commonly placed on the end of a bed for decorative purposes.

Due to the lightweight nature of the coverlet, it now has a functional use as well. In fact, the coverlet is commonly used as a bed cover during the warmer months.

Bed cover for adults – The coverlet is popular among adults, especially during warmer temperatures. A duvet can become quite bothersome in warmer weather, in which case the coverlet provides a more functional alternative.

Children’s coverlets – Coverlets are not only popular for adults; they can be used for a children’s bedroom as well. Nowadays, customers can easily obtain children’s coverlets, which provide children with a lighter bed cover when temperatures get too warm.

What Is A Quilted Coverlet Set?

Quilter coverlet sets are not to be confused with quilt cover sets. While they may sound remarkably similar, there are different types of bed coverlets for sale that can resemble quilt covers. To help you distinguish between both, we have described each in a little more detail below.

Quilt cover sets – the quilt cover is not the same as a quilt coverlet. In fact, the quilt cover can be a lot heavier than the coverlet, which means it does not have the same function during the warmer months. That being said, quilt covers can be used to put a decorative accent on your bedding.

Quilted coverlet set – as we mentioned briefly earlier, the quilted coverlet set is a lightweight cover that will be placed as a decorative accent on the end of the bed. Because of the lightness of the coverlet, you can also use it as a thin blanket during the summer months.

How To Use A Coverlet?

As we mentioned already, coverlets are used for many different reasons. In the traditional sense, they make your bed look professional made and inviting. On the other hand, they could be a lovely cover during warm temperatures. So, if you cannot sleep without something covering you, a coverlet could do the trick.

Using A Coverlet As A Blanket

Since you can use your coverlet as a blanket, it is important to think about your bed linen setup during the warmer months. If you do not intend on using heavier blankets such as a duvet, it could be a good idea to make your bed with the coverlet alone. Simply make your bed with fitted sheets and then tuck in the coverlet at the foot of the bed. You can leave as little or as much of your fitted sheet visible.

Styling Your Bed With A Coverlet

When you have obtained a selection of bed linen and a high-quality coverlet, there are many ways in which you could style your bed. Here are some of the most popular ways, and some additional tips to take into consideration.

Combining bed linen with a coverlet – many people are confused how to use their bed linen with their coverlets. If you struggle as well, it is a good idea to choose an option from our range of coverlets that matches your other bedding; this will make the styling process easier.

One of the best ways to implement your coverlet is by layering it on your bedding. First, add a fitted sheet on your mattress and ensure no wrinkles remain. Then, add your top sheets and tuck in the corners on the bottom. Once this is done, you add your duvet.

Once you have your basic bedding down, it is time to style your coverlet. Fold your coverlet three times; this along the entire length of your coverlet. Then, place the coverlet in the middle of the bed; this opposed to its usual location on the bottom. When this is done, fold your duvet and the top sheets down to make some space for your pillows.

Using king-size coverlets and bedspreads – working with king-sized coverlets and even super king coverlets can feel a little daunting. While it can make the styling process more complicated if you obtain a super king for a king-sized bed, the method described above can be used if you have obtained the correct size for your bed.

If you obtain a super king for a king-sized bed, simply because you like the additional space, always tuck in the sheets at the bottom. It provides you with additional room at night, but keeps the finish clean during the day.



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