Sheer Curtains

Do you love the idea of classic sheer curtains?Then pick your favourite design from the large collection of sheer curtains at Spotlight. Our sheer curtains also come in a variety of colours, so you can easily find pink, blue, black, yellow and even multi-coloured options.

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Why use sheer curtains in the home?

There are many reasons to use sheer curtains around the home! Simple sheers are timeless and elegant and combine will with classic interiors as well as modern designs.

These curtains can also:

  • Be used at a window where you want light to filter in but still keep some privacy.
  • Will hide a boring view without the need to lose the light.
  • Hide the fact that you have two odd sized windows, especially if you cover the whole of the wall with floor to ceiling sheers.
  • Offer relief from a room that has many dramatic colours or patterns.
  • Provide a romantic look to a room.

Can I purchase sheer curtains at Spotlight?

Spotlight has a great range of sheer curtains in different styles, sizes, and colours. They vary from very plain for a modern look, to a lacier effect that fits well with traditional interiors. Some people expect cheer curtains always to be white or off-white, but there are many coloured options, as well as sheer curtains with designs, and even sparkling sheer curtains, so take a look today and get some inspiration!

How do I put up sheer curtains?

Sheer curtains are generally lighter than fabric curtains, so they dont need a heavy duty curtain pole. Many of todays modern metal curtain rods will be ideal for your sheer curtains, which can come in a variety of styles including eyelet, tab top, rod pocket and with heading tape. Sheer curtains that are meant to fit just inside the window opening can often also be put up using curtain wire with eyelets that are fixed into small hooks at the inside of the window frame.

What if I have not got room for long sheer curtains?

Take a look at some of Spotlights shorter sheer curtain options such as sheer cafe curtains, sheer jardiniere curtains and X-Over Rod Pocket sheer curtains, which will cover just part of your window and wont extend beyond the window sill.

Can I use sheer curtains in kids rooms?

Of course! Choose from some of the colourful options to match your childs bedroom decor, or add a fun design such as the very popular Frozen sheer curtains or Batman and Spiderman. With some imagination, sheer curtains are also ideal to make a princess bed, curtain off a play area or even divide a shared bedroom.

How do I look after my sheer curtains?

Sheer curtains are delicate, so many will be labelled as hand wash only, and generally, a light soak followed by a rinse will be sufficient. Let them drip dry on the line or hang them back up to dry out if possible, as they cannot usually be ironed. Never put in the tumble dryer as most sheer curtains will not cope well with the movement and heat of the dryer.



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