Add something extra to your room with bed cushions that come in different sizes, shapes & designs. Explore our bedroom collection at Spotlight today!

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Can I buy bedroom cushions at Spotlight?

Definitely! With a huge range of cushions to choose from online or in-store, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to buying cushions for your bedroom. Spotlight brings you square cushions, rectangular cushions, round cushions and even fun cushions in the shape of a heart, fruit, or animal. Cylindrical cushions, sometimes called neck rolls, are also found in the collection.

Which cushions are suitable for the bedroom?

In general, all cushions can be used in the bedroom to add something extra to the look of the room. Some of the bed linen ranges at Spotlight have matching cushions, which you will see marked with the same name as the bed linen, such as the KOO Elite Aliyah cushion that matches the KOO Elite Aliyah quilt cover range. In other cases, you can use plain cushions in a range of colours to mix and match with your chosen bed linen. Try adding cushions in the same colour, but of a different size or shape, for a sophisticated touch, or mix and match for extra variety!

Do you have cushions for kids bedrooms?

Yes, children are not forgotten at Spotlight when it comes to cushions. Choose from a large range of colourful cushions or finish a childs themed bedroom with some popular cartoon character cushions such as Frozen, Finding Dory, Batman or Thomas the Tank Engine. Teenagers might like the fun and stylish heart shaped cushion, motorbike cushion, or the strawberry and watermelon shaped cushions. Cushions with slogans are often popular too with teenagers, and you can find more of those in the home decor cushion range at Spotlight.

What is a neck roll cushion for?

Most neck roll cushions are for positioning and supporting the neck, but they can also be used for the back, knees and ankles. Neck roll pillows are used in a variety of ways and can provide therapeutic benefits and additional comfort. After a long day at the office, at a desk or driving, the neck muscles can become stiff and fatigued. Lying down on a neck roll can help relieve this tension and provide comfort.

What are bedroom cushions made from?

Most of the cushions available at Spotlight have covers that are made from polyester, poly-cotton blend or cotton fabric, while fillings are in nearly all cases polyester, with the exception of the Hotel Savoy cushion, which has a 100% natural cotton filling. If your cushion has a detachable cover, it is always recommended to remove the cover and wash it separately, but most cushion inners can also be laundered, which is ideal if something gets spilled accidentally. Always follow the recommendations of the label for best results.

Why should I add cushions to my bedroom?

Cushions are an ideal way to add a finishing touch to your bedroom decor, and if you have a fairly neutral decor, a change of cushion colours can completely transform the look of your bedroom, which is ideal if you want a quick and easy way to change the theme or mood of a room. In addition, cushions can provide extra support when reading, working, watching TV or eating in bed, allowing you to lounge in comfort. Use them for your back, neck or head, or even to put under your knees or ankles. Check out the wonderful range of bedroom cushions at Spotlight today and transform the look of your bedroom, guest room or kids room.



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