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From faux fur throws to knitted blankets, we have the best range of blankets and throws for any bedroom! Shop the bedroom collection at Spotlight now!

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Can I purchase throws and blankets at Spotlight?

Yes! Take a look at our extensive collection either online or by visiting one of our stores if you would prefer to touch and feel our throws and blankets in person. You will be delighted with all the options available including different colours, sizes and weights of throws and blankets, ranging from soft polyester fleece blankets to full bed-size Australian wool blankets. Cotton, chenille and faux fur blankets also complement the range, so there is much to choose from.

For a completely coordinated designer look, try combining your throws or blankets with some of the great range of cushions on offer at Spotlight, and add that showroom feel to your living room or bedroom. Then, when you want a change of scenery, discover a new colour combination and instantly refresh the look of your room to match your mood or the time of year. For a dramatic effect, choose different shades of the same colour and vary the textures of your throws and blankets, to create originality and style.

How should I choose my throw or blanket?

First of all, decide whether your throw or blanket is more of a fashion statement or a functional item. Do you want it to blend in with your room, or to add a splash of a particular colour to match your decor? Then decide on the colour of your throw or blanket first. The next thing is to decide on the design of your throw or blanket - patterned or plain? With so many options to choose from at Spotlight, you are bound to find the right look here.

If, however you are choosing throws or blankets for warmth and comfort, it makes sense to decide on your favourite kind of material first. Do you prefer the natural feel of cotton or wool? Or the silky texture of polyester fleece or faux fur? Where you are planning to use your blanket or throw may also impact your decision, as some woollen throws will not like getting wet outdoors, but would be ideal for use inside the home.

Finally, take a look at the size of your chosen blanket. A casual throw may only measure 120 x 150 cm, which is fine on an armchair, or just to drape over your lap or shoulders, while some blankets are big enough to cover a queen or king-size bed. As well as adding a finishing touch to the look of your bedroom, having an extra blanket available will come in handy if the nights suddenly get colder, or if one partner prefers a warmer sleeping environment than the other.

Does Spotlight sell throws and blankets for kids too?

Indeed they do! All todays favourite film and cartoon characters are represented in the kids throws and blankets range at Spotlight, from old-time favourites such as Micky Mouse to recent releases like Finding Dory. Ideal to add interest to bedtime, finish off a themed interior, or to encourage little ones to have an afternoon nap on the sofa. Older children may like the Batman, Star Wars, Minions or Frozen throws available from Spotlight.

How do I care for my throws and blankets?

Always take care to read the laundry care labels, as some blankets can be put through the washing machine on a gentle wash, while others may need to be hand-washed or dry cleaned. Always try to line dry your throws or blankets, and if needed re-shape them while they are still damp, if the washing has pulled them out of shape. If they can be dried in a tumble dryer, always use the coolest setting to avoid shrinking or damaging the fibres.



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