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For the average person, there is nothing special about a piece of cardboard. As a crafter however, cardboard can become one of your most valuable items in the hobby room. There are also various types of paper and cardboard used in crafting today, read more below about the different types. At Spotlight, you can shop a massive selection of quality coloured paper, poster paper, cardstock, paper pads and scrapbooks perfect for your school project and crafting needs. We also have specialty paper such as origami paper, loose paper, glitter paper, printed paper and transfer paper for unique projects. Find paper value packs and great value loose paper for your project today. Discover the comprehensive Paper and Cardstock Buying Guide and Scrapbooking Buying Guide for in depth information on choosing the right paper for you.

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There are so many amazing crafts you can do with paper. At Spotlight you can get inspired with the FREE cardmaking projects and paper craft and scrapbooking projects including:

Craft Paper & Cardboard FAQs

What is cardstock?

Cardstock is a thicker type of paper commonly used for business cards, postcards, scrapbooking, cardmaking and other crafts that require more durability. Cardstock is a great choice for a range of crafts and is available in different finishes and prints.

What paper is good for scrapbooking?

For scrapbooking, the best paper to use is cardstock for the layouts and printed loose paper for trims and designs, this allows you to customise your scrapbook and give it a nice weight and feel. Using an acid-free cardstock is important to avoid amazing photographs and ephemera.

What paper craft tools and accessories do I need?

When enjoying paper crafting projects, you need tools such as craft scissors, paper trimmers, glue sticks, paper punches, and cutting mats. For more advanced crafters, a craft machine is a great way to take your papercraft to the next level.

What is the best size poster paper?

A3 size paper is commonly used for school posters and projects. This allows enough space for the message to be shown without being too bulky.

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When you need cardboard for crafting, you can count on Spotlight to provide the different types of cardboard you need. Spotlight provides cardboard in various forms, sizes, and colours, ensuring you get the right cardboard for your intended project. In addition to cardboard, you can also count on Spotlight for various types of craft paper. Our craft paper is suitable for construction, die cutting, cardmaking and so much more. So, no matter what kind of paper you need, you are bound to find it at Spotlight. Once you are done looking at our selection of cardboard and paper, do not forget to look at the other crafting supplies in our collection. Spotlight provides all kinds of crafting supplies at the sharpest prices, so you can save big when you purchase your crafting supplies at Spotlight. Check out the range of crafting supplies today and grab your deal while you restock your hobby room! Shop online and enjoy the convenience of click and collect or find a Spotlight store near you today to see the range in person!



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